Carnibar is the best way to spend a night

You won’t be thrown out for wearing shorts

Love it or loathe it, Carnibar is the beating heart of Carnatic halls, and is the prime location for the messiest and most memorable nights.

Not only is it a great night in, but an escape for all the poor Carnatic residents from the not-so-homely aspects of the accommodation. Tired of your overflowing shower? Pint in the Carnibar. Tired of the shit stains someone left on the toilet? Pint in the Carnibar. Tired of the mould slowly encroaching its way in to your room because you haven’t cleaned? Pint in the Carnibar. Sick of sharing your room with a civilisation of ants because you haven’t taken the rubbish out? You get the picture.

This guy actually came for a night in the Carni-bar

This guy actually came for a night in the Carnibar

Even if you don’t plan on spending your whole night at the place, pre-drinking at Carnibar is without a doubt superior to drinking in your small, dank room. You’re probably listening to Calvin Harris while you attempt to play ring of fire for the 1000th time when you know you hated it by the end of year 10, so why would you love it now?

Plus, if you spend your night at Carnibar you can avoid the 699.


Most of the time, you’re nowhere near drunk enough to enjoy the last bus into town, and if you are, even in such a state you can’t help but grow bored of the incessant chanting about the Touré brothers, or how much we think Greenbank are shit (they are shit but we need some more lyrics, at least a verse or two).

Of course your £10 bottle of Tesco’s finest vodka is a winner in its own right, but in a battle between the bargains, Carnibar is the true champion. Nachos for £2.50 and a 10 inch pizza for £5 aside, you can bag a pint for £1.50 – only the mighty Raz can contend with those sorts of prices.

what a view

what a view

On the subject of food, unlike in town, in the Carnibar you don’t even have to move to eat (or at least not move a lot). You don’t have to brave the bitter wind, or mildly-threatening locals, before you get your grub. In fact, perhaps the most beautiful thing about a night in the Carnibar is that you hardly have to move at all. Once you’ve reached the giddy heights of merriness for under £5, you can just waddle back to your room no fuss.

What’s more, in a toss up between Carnatic cuisine and the average Liverpool take away, Carni is probably the safer option. They save all the good stuff for the bar you know.

From there you can rest your head on your high-quality Carnatic pillow, knowing you’ve spent your night drinking in a glorious establishment.