The war on Christmas continues: Carnatic is the next dec-free zone

When will it end?

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It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but joyless hall wardens strike again – this time banning festive decorations in Carnatic.

Having witnessed residents of Vine Court and Greenbank robbed of their Christmas cheer last week, many Carnatic students believed they had dodged the bullet.

But Carni is the latest halls forced to concede festive fun to the power-wielding big dogs as they, too, have had to take their decorations down.

Harmless sparkle

An email sent out to students read: “We appreciate during the festive season you might like to decorate your communal areas, but we are required to follow policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment.”

The email added a Christmas tree will be allowed in the junior common room – providing wardens receive proof it is fire retardant – and decorations are not allowed to be put anywhere else in halls.

Christmas lights are unacceptable and baubles are banned from kitchens, ceilings and walls due to the “dangers of decorations falling near the cooking area”, even though many of the kitchens only have a kettle and a microwave.

Even the Guild’s regulated decorations aren’t that good

As expected, students are not very happy about the news.

Colleen, a History and Politics student, spent her own money decorating her flat, only to have everything taken down.

She told The Tab: “They’re ruining the festive season and the high spirits that come with it.

“They’re taking away our sense of community and family, it just won’t feel like home without tinsel.

“Let us live our lives, Carnatic.”