Manchester is way better than Liverpool

What does he know


Linked by around 30 miles of East Lancashire Road and a murky Manchester Ship Canal, the two cities of Manchester and Liverpool are within spitting distance of each other. But don’t assume from their proximity that the two are twins – Manchester is undoubtedly the most wonderful.

You may be sceptical – especially since this is the Liverpool Tab. However, after experiencing both cities first hand, Manchester is unequivocally the King of the North West, while Liverpool merely clings to its ankles begging for pity. Here’s why:

The Accent

The lazy, languorous Mancunian tongue is smooth and hypnotic. Elongated syllables and nasal tones transfix listeners in a coma.  It’s a dreamy language that’s easy on the ears. In contrast, Scouse, as a result of generations of mixed English and Irish accents, scratches at the ear drum like nails on a blackboard.

The Scouse accent hurts my ears


The Music

The Beatles. Granted. But what after that? Beatlemania is long gone, and although they’ll always occupy an important place in music history, the number of influential Mancunian artists has now surpassed the legacy left by the Liverpool lads. No matter what your music taste, Manchester has provided a leading figure: The Smiths, Oasis, Joy Division, Elbow, The Stone Roses and even for pop music, Take That.

Aside from the wonderfully talented musicians, Manchester created a new niche in the music industry: Madchester. A music scene that mixed rock with dance, whistles and tambourines, Madchester spread throughout the country from the late 1980’s with thousands of people flocking to the City for a taste of the iconic Hacienda club. The scene is still going strong and has influenced many others.

Get over The Cavern


The Culture

Liverpool was named the European Capital of Culture in 2008 and fair play to the City, it put on a good show. Nevertheless, Merseyside’s cultural diversity doesn’t compare to that of Manchester’s. China Town, The Gay Village and areas such as The Curry Mile thrive with cultural diversity, and have all contributed to the beacon of culture that shines from the City of Manchester.

In fact, it has been found over 153 languages are spoken by the 500, 000 people living in the City, only rivalled in relative terms by Paris and New York. Manchester really is a global City, a Goliath to the David of Merseyside.

The Sport

Liverpool never wins Christie Cup either


Since Manchester hosted the Commonwealth Games, the infrastructure and resources the City provides, such as The Velodrome.


I could gabble on for pages about why Manchester is superior to Liverpool. However, I shall leave you with this: if you haven’t ever been to Manchester then do so. Because it’s modern yet historical. Because it’s global yet fiercley local. Because it’s a King not a Joker. Because it’s Manchester not Liverpool. Oh Manchester, you really are wonderful.