Cheap student nights in

When funds are running low and your social life is being compromised, it’s time to give Heebies a break and try out some innovative ways to enjoy a cheap night in.

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It’s no rarity for students to blow the whole of their loans within a couple of weeks on booze, fags and endless hangover takeaways.

Students soon get to a point where they can’t afford to go ‘out out’ so they either awkwardly go to pre-drinks sober or they turn into that burden of a friend who rinses their mates’ drinks, bums their mates’ fags and who conveniently realise they have no change for the taxi at the last minute.

Well why not propose a cheap and cheerful night in? This still means getting fairly pissed and having a laugh, but without having to beg for an advance from the bank of mum and dad (again).

Here are some ideas for an affordable yet fun night in…

Friends style quiz

Why not combine a few cheeky cocktails with the ultimate friends quiz. You need one of your mates to be the quiz master (be it at their peril, it could get nasty) and divide the rest into two teams. The quiz master must make up about 10 questions for each team about the other and the team with the most correct answers win. In the case of a draw, a lightning round must commence! Be prepared for some tears, tantrums and a hilarious forfeit for the losers. Just don’t bet your apartment on it…

Let’s hope you know everything about your friends because walking around Liverpool in your Halloween costume in Spring isn’t chic…

 Harry Potter marathon

Who wants to go out and get pissed when you can stay in and lose yourself in the wizarding world of Harry Potter? (and get pissed). Grab yourself a crate of butter beer, or any other kind of beer for that matter, and play a magical drinking game as you watch. Of course you might want to spread this out over a couple of nights…

You could drink every time a Professor McGonagall whimsically asks ‘What’s the matter, Harry?’ or when Ron does his wide-eyed, wide-mouthed ‘Home Alone’ expression. You’ll be pissed in no time.

She drank every time the acting made her cringe.

Murder Mystery night

For those who are a little theatrical, a murder mystery night would certainly be jolly good fun. Allocate one of your Drama/English student friends to come up with characters  and a location, get dressed up to the nines, bring plenty of booze and work out whodunit!

I wonder who the murderer is…

Come Dine with Me

This program is a big part of our university life. But why just watch it 3 times a day when you could recreate it in your student house? Each house could take turns hosting the dinner party or one house could host and the guests could bring a course with them. At the end of the night, when everyone is suitably drunk, why not give each house a score out of ten.

CDWM comes to Smithdown!

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