Introducing… Tabchat!

We’ve set up a Snapchat account! If you fancy 5 minutes of fame, add us at ‘thetabliverpool’, send us pics, and we’ll publish the best snaps we get.

Ever felt your ugly selfies or drunken night out snaps deserve a wider audience than just your Snapchat friends? Well this one’s for you. 

We’ve set up our very own Snapchat account, and we desperately want your pictures.

Cheer up mate, you can send The Tab snaps now

Cheer up mate, you can send The Tab snaps now

Simply send us a snap, we’ll screenshot it, and if it’s a good one, we’ll publish it in a round-up of the best.

So what can you use Tabchat for? It’s entirely up to your imagination, but here’s a few ideas:

  • Standard selfies (or uglies)
  • Night out pics
  • Campus snaps
  • Pictures that will embarass your mates when they get published
  • Even pics of potential stories that you think we should cover

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The possibilities are endless, almost. So, add us on Snapchat at ‘thetabliverpool’, send us selfies, nudes and god knows what else and get ready for your 5 minutes of fame.

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And obviously add us on Snapchat at ‘thetabliverpool’