Lincoln SU will continue to play Kanye West despite anti-semitism but ‘welcomes feedback’

The SU says it takes matters such as hate speech ‘very seriously’

Lincoln SU will not stop playing Kanye West’s music after his antisemitic and racist comments but “invite and welcome student feedback”.

The SU told The Tab that feedback from students is taken very seriously, especially involving incidents of “hate speech or similar issues”, however they “will not be planning to implement any kind of music restrictions”.

Kanye West has made headlines with his racist and antisemitic posts on social media as well as his clothing during Paris Fashion Week. It began with the rapper, now being known as Ye, wearing a t-shirt to a fashion week event with “White Lives Matter” printed on it. He then went on to tweet, he would go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”.

Since this incident Ye has now been removed from all social media after tweeting, “I love Hitler” as well as an image that appeared to be a swastika and the Jewish Star of David. Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga amongst others have all dropped partnership with Ye due to these issues.

Lincoln SU explained that as a member-led organisation, student members are able to impact the policies and decisions of the SU, and at current, there are zero policies that “prohibit or restrict the playing of any type of music” within their venues. If any students want to give feedback or suggestions on this issue they can contact the SU in person or via email.

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