Clubbers of the week: Getting in a state for week eight

Is that the whisper of Mariah Carey I hear??

After a refreshing reading week, Lincoln’s student body was back and ready to go. The Snow Sports Society held an apres ski night at Union, leaving us all windswept after a go on the mechanical snowboard. A masquerade ball then followed it up at DIY Disco. Overall, a very successful week for our clubbers, see if you can spot yourself in our winners and runners-up.

Album Cover of the week

Bully’s house music

Runners up

A girl group to rival that of the Spice Girls

It’s giving James Bond

Creeper of the week

An interesting choice in facial expressions

Runners up

A classic peace ‘nd pout creeper

The excitement of being a creeper can be overwhelming

Dancing Queen of the week

You know a dancing queen when she’s got a hype squad to back her up

Runners up

It’s very Strictly Come Dancing

Just two guys having a dandy time

Hero of the week

A gal with superhuman balance

Runners up

A superhero squad serving suave

He’s in the club to show us how it’s done, a hero who knows how to strike a pose

Squad of the week

A powerful girl squad

Runners up

Some good vibes from this group

Metal af

Stunner of the week

You all seem super pretty AND kind

Runners up

The blue coordination is fabulous

A stunning birthday girl with her beautiful besties

Unhappy Clubber of the week

When you think you’ve pulled someone cool but it’s actually your flatmate – the risk of a masked ball

Runners up

Seeing something you don’t want to see

Literally no one looks happy here

WTF of the week

This is… a lot to unpack

Runners up

I really hope you didn’t spend too much money on these t-shirts

It’s never too soon to feel festive

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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