What to expect in your first year of uni

Want the scoop on what to expect in first year? Then this article is for you

Starting university is a daunting time for everyone, even if some aren’t willing to admit it. My first evening started out with me crying on the phone to my mum whilst she persuaded me to go out and meet my flatmates. Now that day seems like a lifetime ago, and I’ve learnt a lot since, this is everything you can expect in first year.

This is your time to be as stress free as you can be:

Don’t get me wrong, first year can be stressful – you are going to be in a completely different environment and for most students it is the first taste of being a ‘proper grownup’ with responsibilities. Not to mention it is important you get a good first-year knowledge to help you throughout your degree.

However first year should be your time at university with minimum stress. This is your time to make friends and live out the uni experiences you’ve been dreaming about ever since you put in your UCAS application. Leave the deadline stress to the third years.

Joining a society:

Having a good network of friends is so important and what better way to help expand that than joining societies. Not only will these allow you to meet students with similar interests but it will also mean you have more social opportunities.

At Lincoln there are tons of societies to choose from, from darts to anime, pride or even one for Taylor Swift lovers – there is something for everyone! If there isn’t one for your liking, you can always start up your own!

Flatcest happens:

When you put a bunch of young adults in an enclosed space, it’s bound to happen. No words of advice are going to stop it, but bare in mind, if you are thinking of committing the unthinkable act, you will have to live with the other person for the rest of the year. Make sure you both won’t make it awkward for the other people that have to live with you…

P.S – don’t be silly wrap your… the flat doesn’t need anymore members… if you catch my drift.

Know when it is time to take a break:

University is fun but the big changes can be difficult, there will be days when you feel tired and miss the comforts of home. Don’t deny yourself time for yourself, grab a mate to order a takeaway, stick on some Netflix and relax and unwind, mind you don’t let that turn into Netflix and chill – please return to my previous point.

Food shops are expensive:

You will learn this one early on in your first year.

Regardless of how much student loan you receive, you will soon understand why mum told you there was food at home. My advice to help you avoid the black depths of your student overdraft would be to cook in batches. Freeze them or save them, cooked meals are usually ok for the next 3 days in the fridge and that way you can also save yourself from cooking every night.

Freshers flu:

You’ll probably end up with freshers flu so have some medicine on stand by. Gone are the days where you can breathe from your nose and your room will be blanketed in snotty tissues. Meanwhile, you and your flatmates will argue about how gave it to who – the first two victims can defo be suspect to flatcest!

You will feel homesick:

Perhaps after a day or a few months, you may become homesick. Everyone is in the same boat, so never feel like you are the only one feeling this way. Video calls and texting with loved ones will help make the transition easier.

Try to not let this get in your way of continuing uni, give it a good few weeks to decide if uni isn’t your thing. Remember, university is the only place where getting plastered on a weekday is socially acceptable so there’s at least one incentive to stay!

You will miss first year when it’s over:

When July rocks around and first year will be well and truly over, you will miss it. Don’t deny yourself fun experiences as these will be some of the key memories you will make during your years at university.

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