This is what to go as for Halloween based on your Lincoln night out

Because if you haven’t sorted your outfit out by now, you definitely need my help

Halloween is almost as sacred to students as Freshers’ Week. The clubs put out spooky themes for the whole week, and we all dress up (some more than others I’ll admit, although the ones who dress up more always look like they’re having the better time) in an assortment of creepy costumes. We spend way too much on fake blood, face paint and shirts – which we only tear up and cover in the aforementioned fake blood.

But what if you’re still a little undecided on what it is you wish to dress up as this Halloween? Maybe you’re tired of going as the same old sexy cat or murder victim. Lucky for you, we’ve made a quick quiz to help you sort out your dilemma. Will you be going all out this Halloween? Or keeping it simple with a generic Halloween costume? Take the quiz to find out:


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