Meet the Lincoln students talking taboo over live video streaming

Would you spit or swallow?

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Students are using a live streaming app to discuss awkward and sexual topics in order to break taboos.

A group of Creative Advertising students from Lincoln are doing a project to promote open-minded attitudes to ‘taboo’ subjects – such as periods, sex and body issues.

The five girls – Liv Hunt, Jen Latimer, Amy White, Nodee Niranjana and Nina Stokes are using live streaming app Periscope in order to break down the barrier of awkward topics.

Four of the five girls

One of the brains behind DirtyTalks, Liv, explained how it all works: “Periscope is an app where you can watch things live, almost like a mix between YouTube and snapchat story. You can post a video live and people can comment and interact with you and it only stays on the app for 24 hours.”

Their first stream took place Tuesday night at six pm, featuring three of their friends: Josh Royle, Brodie Atkinson and Joe Donaldson answered some pretty personal questions.

The boys discussed topics such as STIs, blow-jobs, sex toys and foot fetishes to name a few. They all also talked VERY open-mindedly about their own sex lives and also contemplated one of life’s big questions – why is spitting considered rude?

Users from around the world commented on the live stream – some asking the lads questions, whilst some expressing their surprise at the explicit chat.

The boys just before going live

Liv said: “We think awkward stuff should be socially acceptable. It’s something that needs to be heard, and we want to change people’s mindsets.

“We hope to continue making periscopes if it all goes to plan, it’s had a great success which was pleasing. There’s a lot of audience interaction on periscope too which is what we liked, so people were asking us there and then a question they wanted to know, and the boys answered straight away.

“It added another level to it, not like YouTube.”

If you’re a bit of a prude we’d recommend you stay well away – but if you fancy hearing students have a chin-wag about dildo’s, DIY handcuffs and all things in-between, DirtyTalks just might tickle your fancy. Just don’t watch it in front of your parents.