Two Lincoln teenagers launched their own music festival

It’s probably better than T in the Park tbf

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It’s nice to imagine there’s at least one group in society lazier than us: teenagers.

But best friends Eleni Taylor and Sophie Fleming busted that perception when they set up their very own music event in Lincoln at the age of 15.

Now, both 17 and studying their A-levels, music industry bosses have taken note of their accomplishments and tipped them to be the super-promoters of the future.

Inspired by classic music festivals like V and Glastonbury they set up their very own event in the heart of Lincoln. They spent months trying to contact the right people to set up a programme before coming across the national Our Big Gig programme.

The event, that takes place in one of Lincoln’s local parks, attracted 500 people in 2013 and an impressive 1,000 visitors in 2014. The festival is free and allows local artists and performers to showcase their talents.

They told the Mail online: “This is a great idea because here in Lincoln, a small city, there isn’t another annual event like this.”

“We believe the huge success which has already snowballed from year one to year two is down to the fact we are offering something different in the city.”

“We want to show teens that they can do something and they can take action on their dreams and ambitions.”

“We are making use of a beautiful but underused park in the city, which often holds a negative perception.”

“We are making use of the old Victorian bandstand and the rest of the park.”

Eleni and Sophie said they offer a “fun day” out which is “suitable for everyone”.