Fresher attacked for protecting female friend on walk home from Superbull Friday

A gang of four men brutally attacked first year Dan outside Skint

When fresher Dan Derrick went out for the night he had no idea that his ‘messy’ weekend would be far more literal than intended.

While stumbling home from Superbull on Friday Dan was brutally beaten by a group of four men as he tried to protect his friend, leaving him bloodied and with a broken nose.

After getting in a state at Superbull last Friday, Dan’s friend Jess, who was visiting him for the weekend, was told to leave the premises by worried bouncers.

Dan and Jess began their walk back, with Jess falling and stumbling, and consequently dropping to the floor opposite Status.

“I waited for her to get up and tried pulling her up. I managed to get her leaning against a post.”

As if the night wasn’t already bad enough, a group of rowdy guys came by and started jeering, attempting to take advantage of Jess as well as offering her £20 to do a pole dance for them in the street.

Angered by the group, Dan told them all to stop, something the drunken boys did not appreciate.

They attacked him and broke his nose.

The brave fresher says: “I was hit and then they all started laying into me.

“A guy outside Tileys came and threw a few punches so I could get a breather, then I started hitting them too. They eventually all ran off.

“My nose actually got broken and some guy in the street put it back into place for me.”

Dan was left bruised and bloodied by the gang of four, and also walked away with a busted nose.

After the incident, Dan and the boy who helped him gave all information to the police, although there hasn’t been an update since the statements were given.