Leeds Uni student climbs to top of the ‘Converse Column’ on campus

Have we found an Eddy B Spiderman?

An anonymous University of Leeds student has managed to climb to the top of the “Converse Column,” the nine-metre high revolving structure.

A favourite among all Leeds students, as a large majority attempt to at least hang onto the structure while it spins round, displaying two separate poems, and at night is lit up.

The two photos were posted onto Leeds Students’ Group (LSG) on Facebook last night, receiving a massive response from students, with over 1,100 reactions.

However, this is not the only structure the mystery student has climbed, with statues and lampposts also being targeted.

Converse Column, the latest piece of public art at the University of Leeds

The structure in daylight | via leeds.ac.uk

The art piece was installed on campus in 2019, with the text evolving from phrases “submitted by students and staff at the University, inspired by themes of communication, collaboration, innovation and impact.”

The Leeds Tab reached out to Emma, who posted the photos on Facebook, who said that the anonymous climber “climbs on everything, [and we] can barely get through a night out without it,” and she is “barely surprised anymore,” as he is “a bit of a show off really.”

Streetlight? No problem

“After I met him in freshers 2019 he climbed this giant statue or a person in [the] city centre.

”And then the next day he just climbed a lamp post.”

The mystery man told The Leeds Tab that: “We gotta support our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman and Spiderwomen.

“Eddy B Spiderman, if you’re out there. Get ready.”

The spinning structure appears to be switched off at night now, visibly seen in the photo below, possibly to deter students from climbing up and injuring themselves (clearly this is working well Leeds!).

The student on his way up | Credits: Emma Beattie via LSG

One student was so impressed they asked if the unknown climber takes requests, stating that “city square could be a promising challenge”.

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