Leeds is OFFICIALLY the most fun city to be a student in

Let’s ignore the fact York made it to number 5

Students will be thrilled to hear that Leeds has been rated as the most fun city to be a student in 2021 in by StudyInn.

With a large variety of pubs, bars and clubs here, as well as being one of the most dynamic universities in the UK, what’s not to love about Leeds?

Yes, however, you’ll realise only a small percentage of students are actually from the Midlands and above, with most being from London and the South trying to get a glimpse of the beautiful Northern culture.

With The University of Leeds being ranked 16th by the University League Tables 2021, and having the second best Students’ Union in the UK (as rated by WhatUni), it is clear to see that Leeds is a place for the elite.

StudyInn has created the rankings, to “find out which university really is the most fun place to be a student,” and let’s be honest, did you really apply to Leeds if having a great time wasn’t high up in your list of priorities?

Leeds ranks with a score of four out of five on the table, coming first, just above Dundee. The unis were analysed from the Guardian League Table 2021, where Leeds scored 18th, and ranked for five different categories: cost of an average pint, number of bars/pubs near uni, number of restaurants near uni, number of societies and student satisfactions score.

Here’s how Leeds performed

The ranking of Leeds | via @StudyInn

#1 – The most fun place to be a student

Leeds scored first in the overall ranking, which we will gladly accept. However, we must question the authority of StudyInn, as York, yes York, has ranked fifth, over the likes of Bristol, Newcastle and Sheffield, which are nowhere to be seen in the top ten.

#7 – The cost of an Average Pint

Leeds scored seventh for the cost of an average pint, at a whopping £3.53. For the North, that’s pretty expensive and something students have noticed. However, Lancaster took first place with £2.80 for a pint, saving a gracious £1.16 over York where a pint will set you back £3.96.

#4 – The number of Bars/Pubs near Uni

Leeds has a glorious 196 bars or pubs near the university, scoring fourth. Despite York “supposedly” having a bar for everyday of the year, they had 45 less than us. Edinburgh surprisingly took first place, with 196 located within close proximity of the uni. Despite all the Oxbridge rejects bigging up Duzza, it only had 95, which basically confirms that it’s the most boring uni city in the world.

#5 – The number of Restaurants near Uni

Leeds scores fifth for the number of restaurants near the uni, with 108 fine establishments. But, being honest, who would choose a Prezzo or a Bella Italia over a delightful sandwich from Bakery 164?

#5 – The number of Societies at Uni

With Leeds having the second best Students’ Union in the UK, you would have thought they’d have the second biggest number of societies. Wrong. However, Leeds still has 300+ societies, so there’s still plenty to pick from.

#7 – Student Satisfaction

Leeds was rated seventh for student satisfaction, with a score of 4.40, still pretty impressive. However, we are quite annoyed that Dundee has ranked second, with a score of 4.59. Clearly, they have never experienced a proper night out in their union, so they don’t know what to compare to.

So, now you can tell all your friends at Manchester and Sheffield that we are officially the best uni in the UK, and their poor nightlife could never compare.

Cover Image: @ellaxpurvis, @hannah.cebolla@_sophcharlesworth

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