Two Leeds Uni libraries to open 24 hours a day during exam season

Watching the sunrise from Level 11 of Eddy B hits different

The University of Leeds today announced on Minerva that two of its libraries, Edward Boyle and the Laidlaw Library will be operating “around the clock” for booked study sessions during the exam period between Monday 3 May and Friday 4 June. Other libraries will remain with current operating hours.

With exam season looming over us, in a normal year the libraries would be bustling with life, even through the early hours of the morning.

A Leeds Uni student literally crawled along level 12 of Eddy B in 2019, and let’s be honest, with the online exams and the stress of online uni, it’s how we all feel.

But the 24 hour opening might just solve that!

The Minerva announcement posted at 8:00 am this morning

First year student Olivia told The Leeds Tab: “I’m so glad that Laidlaw and Eddy B are opening 24 hours during exam season.

“I think me and a lot of my friends will make use of the late night sessions, as nothing hits different like watching the sunrise, so why not do it in Eddy B?”

The university have also opened more study spaces, with there now being 16 different buildings in the university covering a range of self-study options, plug/plugless, IT Cluster or just walk-ins only.

Current study space guidance

The current guidance listed by the University asks that if you can study at home, to study at home; with the spaces being available for you to “revise and take exams if you don’t have access to adequate study space where you live.”

Space is at a limit in the library, with roughly only 25% of the normal capacity available, with the library team asking students to “please only book space if you absolutely need it.”

You can book spaces to Study on Campus here.

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