New Leeds Uni library booking system goes live: Here’s how it works

The new system promises to be ‘fair’ and ‘flexible’

The University of Leeds’ new library booking system has gone live. Leeds Uni announced the “New study space booking system” last week, in an attempt to make booking library slots more “fair” and “flexible”.

Replacing Eventbrite, slots can now be booked via the library webpage, and are meant to be far more flexible and fair.  You can now check in and out, cancel sessions, and attend sessions last minute if they become available. The system went live from 9am on Monday 8 March, via the Study space webpage.

How does it work?

The new system allows students to choose an exact numbered seat in one of the three libraries: Edward Boyle, Laidlaw and the newly reopening Health Sciences library.

Slots can be any time from 30 minutes to 7 hours and students can have 3 bookings active at one time, and you will now be able to make bookings up to 7 days in advance.

Students should go to this library webpage, choose “Book an individual study space“, and select “Reserve”. You must then choose a location, seat and time slot. The plug icon denotes which seats have access to power sockets. You will then be shown a screen with important information about your booking. Click continue, and enter your details. You should then receive a confirmation email, which you will need to attend your session.

You are able to cancel booking you cannot make by clocking cancel in your confirmation email, which will open the slot up for other students.

You need to arrive to your session in the first 30 minutes of the booking, otherwise the slot will be made available for someone else to book. You must bring your university ID, a face covering to wear at all times in the building, and a device to access your confirmation email.

You must check into your study session online within the first 30 minutes of your session, using the code in your confirmation email. The link will take you to the check in page, and you should enter the code in the email to check in. The library asks students to check out at the end of their session.

This video by Leeds Uni Library gives you more instructions.

The new library experience

When students arrive at their seat, they will need to check in. If they do not within 30 minutes, the booking will be cancelled and made available for someone else to book.

The greater flexibility seems to be proving a hit with students, as you will be able to book on the day for last-minute cancellations, and as soon as you check out of your booking it becomes available for someone else to book.

The Leeds Tab spoke to Hannah, a first-year psychology student who said: ‘There have been times in deadline week where I have been trying to get a library slot and they are all booked out. I hope the new system will reduce the number of empty seats in the library that could be used and also make it easier to get a seat during crucial assessment periods.”

Many students have faced many problems with the current Eventbrite booking system, with Eddy B and Laidlaw slots being “sold” on LSG for a substantial price tag.

An eddy b afternoon slot spotted being sold for £40 on LSG

Michael Fake, Head of Learning & Customer Services at the Uni said: “We will monitor the use of the new system carefully, and will be seeking student feedback on how the system is working in practice, and we will make adjustments where necessary to make it as fair as possible for the greatest number of people.”

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