Leeds Uni extends rent rebate until May 16th

The rebate will conclude on May 16th, providing up to 125 days of rent money back

The University of Leeds has, for the fourth time, introduced another rent rebate extension, allowing a handful of students a full rebate if they meet the certain criteria up to May 16th.

This means that students can apply using this link for a rent rebate if they “haven’t lived in their accommodation from January 11th”, and “won’t be returning before May 16th 2021”.

With Boris Johnson’s announcement about University Students returning to campus from May 17th, many students were left annoyed and angry at the fact that thousands of students had finished teaching prior to this date.

With the remainder of students now entering a period of examination and assessment, only a small percentage still have live, “face-to-face” lectures. Despite this, a large majority of students have returned to their term-time accommodation, despite having no in-person teaching.

The fourth email students received about the rent rebate

The new rebate comes despite the university previously saying: “You should not expect that we will carry on funding rent repayments after mid-February“.

The rebate has come about following various issues, including pressure from Cut The Rent Leeds, who had over 150 strikers withholding rent from the University at one point, and due to the large frustrations and anger of students, particularly in cities like Sheffield and Manchester, as Sheffield students occupy the Arts Tower as part of the rent strike.

The Leeds Tab reached out to Lotti Morton, the 2020/2021 Community Officer at LUU who provided a statement:

“We’re really pleased that the rent rebate has been extended for students who haven’t been able to return to their accommodation.

“No one should have to pay for a room they’ve been told they cannot use and I’m sure this will be a relief for many students who can’t return to Leeds.”

The rebate allows the students who have yet to return to campus, have no face to face teaching and haven’t returned to Leeds during the Semester 2 period up until May 16th, covering a period between March 27th and May 16th.

This would allow a student to claim a rent rebate of up to £3,857 (the cost for a catered en-suite room at Lyddon), just roughly £400 under the minimum maintenance loan.

Whilst this year has been not what many first-years expected, the opportunity to get a rebate back if they were unable to return is welcome news to many.

LUU have an Emergency Hardship Fund available to any student who many be struggling with rent or other living costs. You can contact LUU’s advice team on [email protected] or call 0113 3801 400. You can still request hardship funding if you are/were rent striking or are receiving the rebate.

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