Leeds landlord moves drug dealer into student house leaving tenants with £1.5k bill

The dealer threw massive parties and trashed the house

When one of Louisa’s housemates dropped out of uni last year, her landlord moved a complete stranger in.

The stranger claimed to be a 21-year-old computer science student, but it soon became apparent that this was a complete lie.

Louisa’s new housemate was a drug dealer who would go on to throw massive parties, ruin their house and leave them with a bill of over £1,500 for his unpaid rent.

The 25-year-old dealer hid drugs in random places around the Hyde Park house and would always carry a Gucci manbag full of cash.

He also sold drugs to some of Louisa’s mates which was bit of a giveaway.

Louisa told The Leeds Tab: “He had so many girlfriends and they would come to the door even when he wasn’t home at stupid hours like 4am and bang on the door for ages.

Towards the end of the year, the dealer hosted a massive two-day rave with hundreds of guests. Louisa said: “He hired a DJ and invited loads of other drug dealers.

“The party wrecked the entire house and the drug dealer left for like four days (this was right before we were supposed to move out ) so we were left to sort the entire house out which cost us loads in repairs and took three days to clean.

“On the day we were supposed to move out, he hadn’t come home and got his stuff to leave, so we were calling him loads and then eventually he came back at 2pm (we were supposed to leave at 12pm) and got his girlfriend to move his stuff that we had to dump in the road.

“When he came back, he said he had been in jail and his car had been seized by the police, so he had to get an Uber to put all of his stuff in.”

Louisa and her flatmates didn’t tell the landlord about the dealer until they received an email demanding they covered the dealer’s unpaid rent.

Louisa and her friends found themselves with a hefty bill of £1,503.91. They also had to pay £300 in cleaning fees and £75 for his keys which he didn’t return.

Louisa asked the dealer repeatedly to pay them back, but he just ignored all her messages.

Since then, one of Louisa’s housemates spotted  the dealer in the park. When she confronted him, he said: “Don’t come at me in the streets.”

Louisa told The Leeds Tab: “It’s not really affected us, just left us pretty broke.”

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