If Leeds halls were queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, this is who they’d be

Separating the BananaDrama from the United Kingdolls

If you’re anything like me you won’t be able to get the words ‘bing bang bong, sing sang song’ out of your head or off your FYP at the moment.

After one of the most shocking lip-syncs and eliminations in the herstory of Drag Race UK, there is no better way to affirm your Uni of Leeds halls stereotypes by comparing them to the queens of this season.

Even if that does mean some of them have to be in BananaDrama and not the iconic United Kingdolls.

So, without further ado, this is who your Leeds halls would be if they were queens on Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK.

Tayce – Central Village

Tayce is one of the frontrunners this season of Drag Race and would surely be dominating UCAS applications. Tayce is a polished queen, a lot like the interior of Central Village, which promises an ensuite, a kitchen for only four people to share, and is close to town and uni.

Coming from Wales but now living it up in the big city, Tayce radiates moving from a small cul-de-sac in the home counties to finally moving into this big industrial building energy.

A’Whora – Cityside

One of the reasons to put Tayce as Central Village is so A’Whora can be Cityside.

They live together in London and there are rumours flying around that they’ve been together. It just makes sense to put these two together.

Not only locationally close, Cityside and Central Village both give off the same “I’m better than you” vibes with their impeccable facilities and huge rent payments, and let’s be honest Tayce and A’Whora definitely have those tendencies.

Central Village is touch more relevant  than Cityside and let’s be honest, and after last week, it would seem Tayce is too.

Tia Kofi – Charles Morris 

The one word that comes to mind here is basic. With the Charles Morris girls in their flares, North Face puffers, AF1s and baccy in hand at all times, can you get any more basic Leeds? I think not.

Joe Black – Devonshire

Like Joe Black, Dev is definitely way too over the top, with its castle-like interior mimicking the theatrics of Joe.

Both are well past their peak. “The old Charles Morris” was much more relevant 40 years ago, while Joe Black’s drag career has been on the decline since the early 2010s.

Ellie Diamond – White Rose View 

White Rose is the newest accommodation and Ellie is the youngest queen, so this just makes sense.

Ellie’s makeup cannot be faulted as Michelle likes to point out. White Rose has a pool table and cinema. Apart from that they both don’t have that much going for them.

Has anyone actually heard of or been to White Rose View? Does it even exist? Ellie is a look queen, and that’s about it.

Bimini Bon Boulash – James Baillie

Bimini is James Baillie through and through, from her edgy outfit choices to her East London accent. That’s the same East London accent James Baillie boys like to put on despite not actually sounding like that.

You can so clearly picture her thriving at one of THOSE huge James Baillie pres.

Lawrence Chaney – Lupton 

Everyone loves a good laugh at people who say they live in Lupton and everyone loves a good laugh at Lawrence.

Whilst neither are necessarily lookers, it’s the charm of both Lawrence and Lupton that wins everyone’s hearts. Everyone who goes to Lupton comes to love those grimey bathrooms and single beds because the aura of pres and big nights shines through, like Lawrence’s charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, everyone comes to love them.

Sister Sister – Henry Price 

As much as I want to put Sister Sister as Oxley, I can’t do her THAT harshly.

Coming sixth, Sister is relevant enough to be an on-campus accommodation but that’s all she’s got going for her. If Henry Price was a crisp it would be walker’s ready salted, which just like Sister’s performance is nothing memorable. The only unforgettable thing about Sister’s performance in Drag Race was the garden look in her last episode and it was memorable for all the wrong reasons!

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