TikTok star Abby Roberts on TikTok fame, online hate and her makeup masterclass

She’s also beginning a music career

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We’ve all had at least one thought about dropping out and becoming TikTok famous.

The idea of swapping lectures and essays for a huge social following of adoring fans seems like an all too tempting deal.

For a lucky few, this mid-breakout room daydream has already turned into reality. Cue Abby Roberts:  the 19-year-old beauty guru who’s quickly becoming a household name in the makeup world, with almost 20 million followers across her social platforms.The Tab chatted to Abby about the highs and the lows of TikTok fame, her leap into the music industry and her rise to becoming the makeup extraordinaire that she is today. Plus, she has an extra special treat for any budding beauty influencers: her upcoming makeup masterclass, with the opportunity for students to earn commission as a LOOKFANTASTIC ambassador. Side hustle, anyone?

‘I never felt like university was for me tbh.’

Having always felt ‘creatively restricted’ by school, Abby decided not to go to university. Instead, she began to build her TikTok empire, now boasting over 16 million followers on the platform.

“I didn’t think I could learn anything that would help me pursue the career I wanted, and I think experience is far more valuable from a creative point of view,” she told The Tab.

“Plus, my TikTok was massively taking off so I decided to invest all my time and energy into that.”

Abby first began to notice her rise to TikTok fame when her following on the app overtook her Instagram. She also realised when she started getting recognised in public, describing the experience as ‘surreal’.

Whilst this sudden stardom was new to Abby, creating makeup related content was not.

“I’ve been posting makeup related content online since I was 11, but I honestly can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t playing about with makeup. Even from being super young, I would always do everyone’s Halloween makeup.”

She admits that the wild, editorial looks that she’s renowned for have not always been her main focus. In fact, in the beginning, she “used to do mostly glam with a bit of Halloween here and there”.

“I think it was a mixture of doing Halloween makeup, my artistic ability outside of makeup and just getting bored of standard glam that led me to do the more editorial looks,” Abby says.


Abby Roberts’ looks haven’t always been this editorial. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMP8nycDQG8/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

But, as fun as being a beauty guru may be, Abby revealed that it’s not always as easy as it looks. Although it’s her “full time job at this point”, it’s “quite difficult to stay on top of”, even more so when she was “still in school doing this at the same time”.

Online hate is also something Abby has had to battle.

“Hate is a constant thing that’s always happening and it can really hurt if it’s something you’re insecure about,” she says.

“I try to not search for my name so I avoid seeing the hate to begin with, but I have to remember that for the people commenting hate, it’s all coming from a place of insecurity.”

Besides, Abby has more things to focus on than trolls in her comments –

 Like her budding music career, which she teased in a recent video.

“I’ve been working on music for the past year and I’m super excited to release it! I love bedroom pop and indie rock, so it’s definitely along that vibe –  but I can’t give too much away yet hahah!”

We had to ask the TikTok star what would happen to her account if this new venture took off.

“I still plan on doing both simultaneously, I have a massive passion for makeup and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

Plus, why give up makeup when she’s about to run a masterclass on how to recreate her signature butterfly liner?

Abby’s makeup masterclass will show you how to create her iconic butterfly look

Abby told The Tab: “This Masterclass supports LOOKFANTASTIC’s student ambassador programme, which offers students commission in exchange for amazing content featuring their many brands. You also get the chance to be fast-tracked into a job there which is a great opportunity for beauty creators and lovers!”

The free masterclass will take place on Wednesday the 28th of April at 7pm.  You can sign up for both the ambassador programme and the masterclass here: https://www.lookfantastic.com/offers/abby-roberts-masterclass/waitlist.list

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