Here’s which TikTok sound Uni of Leeds halls would be

A list Charli D’Amelio would be proud of

With Lockdown 2.0 well underway, it’s pretty clear that once again TikTok is THE quarantine app. From mindless scrolling to lecture procrastination, hours and hours can be spent doing eff-all and we LOVE it. In a time when everything can relate to a Tik Tok sound, here are the Leeds uni halls themselves if they were the ones trending.

James Bailie: Glue by Bicep

If you live in JB, you’ve probably coped with lockdown by getting ketty. I mean, you didn’t need lockdown to do that, but it’s another excuse, right? Songs like Glue are just what student living is all about. Don’t worry, you’ll be back at a rave soon.

Danielle Cohn defo would apply for JB just to seem cool

Sentinel Towers/Tannery: I Ain’t Ever Seen Two Pretty Best Friends…

…It’s always one of them gotta be ugly. (And it’s you, Sentinel. Soz)

Devonshire: GONE, GONE/THANK YOU (slowed and reverb) – Tyler the Creator

“I hate wasted potential, that shit…crushes your spirit, it really does.” 

Lured by the pretty surroundings and the vintage buildings, Dev pretends it’s way better than Monty B. But with those ugly rooms, that tacky yellow suddenly seems way more appealing. Come on Dev, you could have been so much better so this song fits perfectly.

Addison Rae enjoying her xmas lunch in Dev

North Hill Court: “I guess we’ll never know.”

Who even are you? Do you actually exist?

Oxley: I shall call it… *twinkle toes*…horsey! *Twinkle toes* HORSEY!

Oxley calls itself ‘Leeds student accommodation’. Everyone else calls ‘the middle of nowhere’. ‘Leafy residence with a great community feel’, they said.  Your only friends are your flatmates cause no one else wants to trek there.

 Leodis: Shower – Becky G

“You light me up inside, like the fourth of July…”

Every night’s basically bonfire night in Leodis with the Peaky Minors setting off their fireworks display. Shower is Leeds’ anthem.

You’d 100% catch Jacob Sartorius setting off fireworks with the 12 year olds

Charles Morris: “I just wanna be…appreciated!”

 Poor Charles is always characterised as being Tory central. Cut it some slack – there’s some shared bathrooms in there too.

Lupton: Ultralight Beam – Kanye West & Chance the Rapper

“This is my part nobody else speak…this is my part nobody else speak.”

Definitely one of the most overlooked accommodations in Leeds. If Lupton went to a party, it would stand there awkwardly with half a bev trying to get a word in edgeways.

White Rose: All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey *ALL THE LEAVES ARE BROWN*

Possibly the boujiest residence in Leeds, but with that rent you’re defo poor now. At least it’s a flex (whilst your bank account isn’t). This sound sums it up perfectly.

Is White Rose actually a Leeds Wave House???

Central Village: “Um, I’m a mf city girl…PERIOD”

Everyone saw Central Village on their open day thinking it was the gateway to true city living. Too bad it’s as dead as Mr Eddy B himself. Oh well, least you get the aesthetic of it. But she in the city so this is your anthem.

Can imagine Abby Roberts as a CV gal

Cityside: ‘Oh my god it’s Megan Thee Stallion…Megan!…Megan…*ah*’

With its cute little Café Nero and Tesco Express, at a glance Cityside seems to have it all. Too bad then it’s ruined by the security guard who’ll shut down anyone who so much as raises their voice.

Monty B: Yellow – Coldplay

This one pretty much speaks for itself. Wtf is that colour scheme? (Jokes, we love her really x). It really is all yellow.

Charli D’Amelio clearly watches Lydia Violeta

IQ: Positions – Ariana Grande

 “Cause I’ll be switchin’ the positions for you”

 Let’s face it, IQ was no one’s first choice. No one’s. But everyone who ended up there was lowkey happy in the end.

Clarence Dock: Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado

 “I want you on my team…so does everybody else.”

 Everyone shat on poor Clazza for being so far away from uni. But the same people are now visiting the dock for cute pics. Fan behaviour?

Lyddon: Body – Megan Thee Stallion

This song goes hand in hand with the body confidence trend. And even if Lyddon is ugly on the inside, how beaut is she on the outside? Show off those gorgeous windows, gal.

Henry Price: “Child abuse…yeaaaaa”

So you’re telling me your mum willingly dropped you off at HP and called it a day? ….Enough said.

HP is for all the lowkey musty TikTokkers like Emmuhlu