VOTE for the best pet in Leeds: The Final

Our finalists are all extremely cute

Well, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve done it. We’ve reached the final. We’re here. A whopping 1,143 of your kind souls voted on which pet should be crowned as The Best Pet in Leeds.

We’ve taken the top 3 contenders from each heat and now they’ll battle it out for the crown, so keep reading to find out who made the final. Let’s get on with it, shall we:

Heat 1: Bear, Frank and Chop


Bear received 91 votes, winning first place in Heat 1, taking 27.25% of the votes.

• A nine month old Chow Chow (a very big puppy)
• Leaves the room when any Vivaldi music is played
• Fave snacks are Cheese and Parsley
• Doesn’t wear socks (most of the time)


Frank came second in Heat 1, with a shiny 75 votes, winning 22.46% of the votes.





• Cavalier King Charles Puppy, who resides in Headingley
• Training to be a pet therapy dog so Tallie can bring him to uni and everyone can appreciate him
• Has developed the snore of a fully grown man
• Terrified of the microwave (poor students!!)
• Has an Instagram @frankthecavalier (quite famous 2.4k wow)


Chop came third in Heat 1, with a glamorous 72 votes, finessing 21.56% of the votes.

• Five month old Shar Pei, Short for Chopstick
• Favourite treat is ice cubes
• Loves Roundhay Park and walks through the City Centre

Heat 2: Toffee, Riddle and Ben


Toffee achieved the most votes in all three heats, with a MASSIVE 265 votes, giving him 42.95% of all votes in Heat 2.

• Toffee’s species is the third largest in the world.
• He hates people and grass on his ‘tootsies’.


Riddle scored a sexy second, with 73 votes, taking a 12.11% stake of the votes.

• Riddle is 14 months old and lives in Leeds City Centre.
• He loves greeting The Leeds Celtic Cheer Team after their rehearsals.
• Bit of an insta model and enjoys posting funny pics @riddle_theminisausagedog.


Ben came third in heat 2, only one vote behind riddle (72), taking 11.94% of the votes in heat 2.

• Ben is seven months old.
• He is described as a 10/10 who loves cuddles.
• He has been trained to stand on your head when he wants treats (fair play).

Heat 3: Edna, & Britney and Pepper


Edna was the second furry friend in Leeds to score a triple-figure vote, with 104 votes and over 50.49% of all votes in Heat 3.

• Edna Lives in Hyde Park
• Often found frequenting her local watering hole the Brudenell Social Club
• Or frolicking in the natures of Burley
• Won’t drink her water unless you hold her bottle for her and Britney and Britney took a total of 39 votes, an 18.93% share of votes in Heat 3.

• From Hyde Park
• Let’s be honest, can you name a more iconic duo (apart from the Echo Dot & the Black Eyed Peas)
• They are reversing gender roles – Britney is a Boy, is a girl
• Britney is a Syrian hamster, is a dwarf hamster
• Follow their insta here!


Pepper (aka lil pep) is our last finalist, scoring 24 votes and taking 11.65% of all votes in Heat 3.

• Lives in Woodhouse
• Found on the streets of Bradford after following home someone else’s cat
• Favourite game includes hiding in the shower curtain
• Only exists via the Internet (exclusive)

The Final Rundown

With a contest spanning December, the Christmas Holidays and January, we are so excited to reveal the finalists. The winner will be announced as The Best Pet in Leeds, what a banging title. Make sure to share the link with friends & family, as every vote counts. Bonus points if you send it to your mum on WhatsApp. Good luck and may the best pet win!

Voting closes Friday 29 January at 10AM.

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