Leeds SU ‘disappointed’ that Leeds Uni’s rent rebate announcement doesn’t go far enough

‘We do not feel that the rebate announced earlier this week fully compensates students for last term’s disruption’

The Executive at Leeds University Union (LUU) has expressed its disappointment with Leeds University’s partial rent rebate.

Although the officers are pleased to see the Uni is compensating students for some of the rent they are paying during lockdown, the executive don’t think the uni has gone far enough.

“As an officer team, we welcome the decision to refund some rent for the lockdown period and will work with the university to ensure the rebates are delivered via a timely and accessible process.

“However, we are disappointed that the University has only committed to refunding rent from 11 January until 19 February when the vast majority of students have been unable to live in their accommodation since 9 December, if not longer.

“We do not feel that the rebate announced earlier this week fully compensates students for last term’s disruption, despite us asking them to consider this.” A statement issued by the LUU executive reads.

The University of Leeds announced the rent rebate last week following mounting pressure from the student community.

Cut The Rent Leeds, a student-led group who had coordinated much of this pressure, was quick to express its dissatisfaction for the partial refund and is still campaigning for more rent reductions.

Members of the LUU Executive will be meeting with Cut The Rent Leeds to discuss the impacts of the current situation on students living in halls.

LUU is also calling on the university to offer more compensation for students living in university accommodation, to let students leave their contracts at no cost if they decide they won’t be returning to Leeds this year, and to lobby private housing providers to offer greater support to students living in rented accommodation.

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