Cut the Rent Leeds ‘disappointed’ in university’s rent rebate

If the Uni of Leeds doesn’t respond before 22nd of January they will begin their rent strike

Cut the Rent Leeds has expressed its disappointment in Leeds uni’s response to their rent reduction campaign.

The university has offered students in halls a rent refund for the period 11th January until 19th February – but only if they have chosen not to return to their accommodation.

Leeds Uni has offered a refund for students who do not return to accommodation

The campaign, which began late December, released its response to the rebate in an Instagram post yesterday:

“It fails to take into account last term’s travel window and the fact we did not have the usual freedom to return during the holiday.

As well as this, only those who have not returned or have in person teaching are receiving this rebate. Many of us booked train tickets and made travel plans thinking that we would have in person teaching only to once again find out this was not the case when it was too late.”

The post also refers to students who have travelled back as they are “unable to work from home effectively.”

Cut the Rent Leeds further claims that it “understands that living in halls means paying rent”, but highlight that the university has failed to “take people’s realities into account” with the rebate.

The group is now demanding a 40% reduction in rent for all time spent in halls, freedom to exit contracts without penalty,  no repercussions for those taking part in rent strikes plus a full rebate that covers time spent away from accommodation during the travel window, the holidays and lockdown.

It further expresses that if the university does not respond adequately before the 22nd of January, they will begin their rent strike.