Coronavirus cases at Leeds Uni down 58 per cent from the previous week

269 cases within the uni community were reported last week

The University of Leeds has confirmed that 269 new cases of coronavirus were recorded among students and staff last week.

This means that the number of new cases reported last week was down 58 per cent from the previous week when a total of 640 new cases were reported (82 cases were added to the first week’s totals after reporting closed).

Nonetheless, as of Sunday 11th October, there were still 525 active cases at the Uni.

The highest number of new student cases confirmed in a single day last week was 68, recorded on Monday, while last week’s peak for staff cases stood at just three, recorded on both Thursday and Sunday.

Last week’s low-point for students was 16 new cases, recorded on both Saturday and Sunday last week, while the low-point for new staff cases was zero, recorded on Saturday.

Click here for a full breakdown of this weeks statistics.

Leeds Beckett and Leeds Trinity have both confirmed cases of coronavirus on campus, but neither institution are releasing specific figures.

It was only two days ago that the Government revealed a new lockdown system to combat the rising cases of coronavirus.

Leeds were placed in Tier Two of this system meaning that, among other things, pubs and bars don’t have to close.

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