Leeds woman issues warning to students after her dog ‘eats edible’ in Hyde Park

He became very lethargic and had ‘bloodshot eyes’

A Leeds woman has issued a warning to students to dispose of their drugs more carefully after her dog accidentally ingested some cannabis it found in Hyde Park this week.

After a walk around Woodhouse Moor on Monday, classical singing student Jane Burnell, 23, noticed her dog had eaten some cannabis off the ground.

A few hours after consuming the drug, Joey the spaniel became lethargic, disorientated, and developed bloodshot eyes and lame hind legs.

Jane and Joey

In a post to Leeds Student Group on Facebook, which gained over 680 likes, Jane sad: “One of my dogs managed to eat something he found left on the ground in the park there yesterday that contained weed, some kind of edible. Unfortunately, my friend hadn’t noticed that he had eaten anything immediately and dropped them home to me as normal.

“A few hours later he became very unwell: incredibly lethargic, bloodshot eyes, jumpy every time I put my hand near him, disoriented, couldn’t walk straight and his back legs started to go a little lame. He is better this morning thankfully, so it seems he only consumed a small amount.

“PLEASE PLEASE BE AWARE OF LEAVING ANYTHING CONTAINING DRUGS ON THE FLOOR IN THE PARK! So many dogs walk there (and other animals live around there). It can be incredibly toxic for dogs to consume weed in any quantity.”

Jane attached a photograph of Joey to the Facebook post

Jane told Yorkshire Voice: “It was heart-breaking seeing him not understand what’s going on. You could see that he knew he was feeling a bit different, but he didn’t really know what to do about it. At one point he sat down in the kitchen watching me make dinner and his whole head would start falling to one side, then once that happened his whole body would go.

“It was just really sad to see that my partner and I couldn’t really do anything. We just had to wait it out and thankfully Joey was all better the next morning.”

One commenter on the post said: “A similar thing happened with my spaniel, hope he’s okay.”

Another said: “As much as this is a good thing to post, no one is intentionally leaving their edibles on the floor, trust”, to which Jane replied: “I didn’t say it was intentional, just wanted to send a reminder to just check your area before you leave in case you missed something.”

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