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Reading and Leeds lineup includes only 19 women out of over NINETY acts

Roughly one in five performers are female

The Reading and Leeds line up was announced today, with Stormzy taking most of the headlines – both in the lineup and in the news.

What you might have missed among all the excitement is the glaring lack of gender diversity in the artists that were announced.

Of the 90 acts that were announced, only 19 have women in them.

Four of those 19 have more men than women in the band, and only two of those four bands are female-fronted.

This isn't 19 female acts out of 90, this means only 19 include at least one woman. Out of 90.

For those of you that haven't done maths since your GCSEs – like the festival's organisers themselves, probably – that's roughly 1/5 of the performers. Or 20 percent. Or not enough. However you'd like to phrase it.

The 19 artists are: Lady Leshurr, Georgia, Mae Muller, Vulpynes, Tiffany Calver, Sports Team, Creeper, Mabel, Mahalia, Joy Crookes, Ashnikko, Fickle Friends, Lyra, Hannah Wants, Bloxx, Girl in Red, 070 Shake, Beabadoobea, and Br3nya.

Of the 19 artists, only three are playing the main stage.

To be fair, 2019 only had six artists with women in them on the main stage, so at least they're consistently shit at promoting diversity.