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Here’s why you should get involved with The Leeds Tab this year

And yes, we do have merch

The Tab Leeds is holding an open meeting for new writers on Thursday 6th February at 5pm in The Library pub, and we need you.

So come down, grab a bev (or ten) because this is gonna be the most fun bit of "work" that you ever do at uni.

Why should you write for us?

The Tab is one of the most recognisable names for student journalism and the Leeds tab has more than 55,000 facebook likes, making it one of the biggest Tab teams in the country.

Some of our writers have gone on to do amazing things like Alex Wright, who has written for major publications and Student Wire, and Megan Slack, who is living it up in Paris writing for a digital publishing firm.

Let's face it. Writing for us looks fab on your CV, and it won't even get in the way of your sesh-time.

What sort of stuff can you write about?

One of the best things about writing for us is that you can pretty much write about anything, as long as it's related to Leeds.

Our most eligible Bachelorette contest is now legendary. And this A to Z of Edgy Leeds is probably the most important document since the Bible.

You can also write about all the important stuff going on in the city, like when someone's ceiling collapsed during exam week while they were sleeping, or when Phil Mitchell announced that he would be doing a club appearance at Space.

Come join us at 5pm in The Library pub and don't forget to click that you're going on Facebook, or DM us on insta.

We can't wait x