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Everything that happened at the Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2020

Mother Nature is looking pretty damn stylish

We spoke to the models walking in Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2020

Imagine having this on your CV though

We caught up with the sustainability team at Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2020

Co2 Emissions? Never heard of her x

Behind ‘Elysian’: the Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2020 theme

The best things in life are free, the second-best are very sustainable

The Leeds RAG fashion Show era has officially begun

It’s promising to be the most stylish and sustainable year yet

Leeds RAG fashion show model castings are happening THIS WEEK

Become the Naomi Campbell of your seminar group

Here are the best dressed people at Leeds Ball 2019

The night LUU became The Met

What does it feel like to win big at Bongo’s? We spoke to this Leeds grad to find out

We’re talking 2K BIG

Former Leeds student is confirmed a victim of the Ethiopian Airways crash

He had graduated from Leeds in 2015

Meet the international student who was not allowed to be editor of The Gryphon

‘I was gutted if I’m being honest’

Here are the best dressed people in Leeds this re-freshers week

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it

Meet Sophie Tew, the Leeds fresher invited to the House of Lords as one of the ten best students in the country

She is basically the definition of a girl boss

Here are the best dressed Leeds students from this year’s ski trip

From Eddy B to Mont-De-Lans

Leeds Trinity lecturers ordered to stop using capital letters because they could scare students into failure

The word ‘don’t’ has also been banned

Leeds Uni denies it ended investment in companies because of ties to Israeli military

They’ve hit back at claims made by the Leeds Palestine Solidarity Group

Here are all the best Halloween pictures in Leeds this year

Ditching the puffa jacket for one night is scary stuff

LeedsFess: We spoke to the new confessions page which is about to shake up Leeds

“We will post nearly anything”

We spoke to the owners of Leeds’ latest fashion heaven

This place is basically the answer to your edgy fashion prayers

BREAKING: It actually happened, Leeds Uni have WON VARSITY

It was well and truly VarsLITTY

We spoke to the Leeds student whose boyfriend is on bail in a Turkish jail for ‘fighting ISIS’

‘We plan on appealing until we get Joe home, where he has to be’

‘Spit or Swallow’ beer mats placed inside Leeds freshers’ room

The mats were placed inside welcome boxes for when freshers arrived at their halls

It’s official, we beat Durham and Leeds is now the best university in the north!

We also ranked 11th nationally

Here Are The Best Dressed People At Leeds Fest This Weekend

You almost looked as good as Dua Lipa

Leeds students have the chance to watch an up close post-mortem

This really is as bad as it sounds

Exclusive: Canal Mills owners suggest a new venue will open soon

You don’t need to sell your wavey garms just yet

BREAKING: Canal Mills is closing down

No, this is not a late April Fools

We spoke to the only female American football team in Yorkshire, who are bringing Beckett and Uni of TOGETHER

The team which is shaking up the sporting world for the two universities and the wider county.

Trains from Leeds are currently suspended

Northern has advised against all rail travel throughout Yorkshire

Here are the best dressed Leeds Graduates this year

The class of 2018 are in a class of their own

Brace yourselves: An ABBA night is coming to Leeds

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Crispy’s after midnight

Here are the best places to watch the semi-final in Leeds

Leeds knows IT’S COMING HOME

Brace yourself: A new study has suggested that Leeds is actually in the south

Leeds, that famous southern city

Stop what you’re doing because Rupert Grint is in Leeds RIGHT NOW

This is actually HAPPENING

Leeds BNOC of the year: Winner Revealed

The news you have all been waiting for has arrived

Here are the best dressed people from Leeds Ball 2018

A collection of this years most ballin’ outfits

Leeds’ BNOC of the year 2018: round 2

Who will take the second crown?

These are the best dressed people in Leeds this week

Freezing? No problem

The best and worst places for your next Instagram post in Leeds

The good, the bad and the edgy

We spoke to the people who took part in Leeds RAG Take Me Out

Let the Eddy, see the B

These are the best clubbers in Leeds this week

It’s time to find out whether it was even worth going out

These are literally the best dressed people in Leeds this week

We know, you all want to be as fashionable as them

Leeds’ Clubbers of the Week

What Halloween hangover?

Leeds’ clubbers of the week: Halloween special

There was literally no point in going out for Halloween if you didn’t make it on here

These are the best dressed people in Leeds this Halloween

Painting the town red, with fake blood

I got Clubbers of the Week, I’ll count ’em

One, don’t pick blue VK over tropical VK

I was busy thinking ’bout Clubbers of the Week

I need that bad boy to do me right on a Friday

Clubbers of the Week

The VK’s are flowing, uni is well and truly back

These are the best dressed people on campus this week

Who says you can’t wear sunglasses in October?

We asked Beckett and Trinity students what they really think of Leeds uni students

And one uni didn’t hold back

Take Me Out is holding auditions in Leeds TODAY

Let the Fruity see the Friday

We spoke to the Leeds student and Miss Worcestershire 2017 finalist who is challenging beauty stereotypes

‘It really shows you that there is no ‘right way’ for your body to be’

Clubbers of Freshers’ Week

There is no better time to bring back clubbers of the week.

These are the best dressed people in Leeds during Freshers’ Week

Welcome back to the best dressed city in the UK

We asked freshers’ parents for their best piece of advice

“Don’t get arrested”

Which Leeds Freshers’ event should you actually go to?

The only way to decide where you should go this week

Tributes paid to Leeds Beckett student who died in Hyde Park on Friday morning

Harry Loker’s body was found with a number of ‘unexplained injuries’

A student house in Leeds was broken into whilst the tenants were still away for the summer

They weren’t even told about it until they moved in

Everything happening in Leeds this September that will make you forget about your summer blues

Summer’s not over yet

There’s just no denying it, Leeds is a beautiful place to live

There really is more to Leeds than Crispy’s

Studies reveal Leeds is one of the best cities in the UK to be single

Time to change your location to Leeds on Tinder

Here are the best dressed people at Leeds Fest this year

There’s no such thing as too much glitter

Plan a night out in Leeds and we’ll reveal your inner noughties hoe

Just pray it’s not 2007 Britney

Stop everything, Nottingham Uni are hiring a professional beer taster

This is actually a real thing

Everything Leeds students do which is actually really, really odd

Gravy is even more treasured than glitter and Red Stripe put together

See where your uni placed in this year’s National Student Survey rankings

Cambridge, Oxford, and Manchester are among top institutions missing from the rankings

Victim of Manchester attack remembered at Leeds Beckett graduation

Criminology first year Courtney Boyle died during the Manchester Arena attack in May

Try not to panic, but a pizza and prosecco festival is coming to Canal Mills

The two greatest things in life have finally joined forces

Plan a night out in Leeds and we will tell you if you’re from the north or the south

As accurate as a DNA test

Inside Leeds’ independent fashion scene

Independent Leeds is bigger and better than you ever imagined

Why Leeds is the perfect place to study Fashion

Take a look inside the world of graduate fashion in Leeds

Everything you know if you grew up 20 minutes away from your uni

Fresher’s week is a breeze when you don’t get lost

Central road in Leeds is closed after an old man was hit by a bus

Travel in the city centre has been disrupted after the accident

We spoke to the organisers of the protest in Leeds against the Tory/DUP coalition

It’s at 2:30pm on the 17th of June

The One Love Manchester concert was emotional, but it was also life-changing

A place united in love to overcome evil

A Leeds first year drunkenly bought a solo cruise to Croatia while she was on a night out

She leaves today

These are the best clubbers in Leeds this YEAR

The time has come

We asked people if they think they’re edgy enough to be in Leeds

‘I was born edgy’

Vote now for this week’s best dressed on campus: Edgy B edition

These are the best dressed people in Edward Boyle this week

‘It was like a scene from a horror movie’: we spoke to a Leeds student who was at Manchester Arena last night

‘The bang was so loud it shook the whole room’

They’ve got their eyeliner on fleek, it must be the clubbers of the week

Never let exams get you down

Best dressed on campus: Library edition

The most fashionable people in Laidlaw

Students from Leeds in urgent need of blood donors after car crash while travelling in Fiji

The couple are in desperate need of a blood transfusion

A vintage and street food fair is coming to Leeds

Lovers of vintage and pizza rejoice

Vote for the best dressed across Leeds this week

Have you made it on to the most fashionable list in Leeds this week?

All the best dressed people at Leeds’ vintage fashion festival

The best of Leeds style, all in one room

We spoke to industry experts to find out why Leeds is the fashion capital of the north

The fashion industry in Leeds is bigger and better than ever before

Vote for the best dressed students in Leeds this week

After a short time away, The Tab Leeds’ best dressed on campus is back and here to stay

Princess Kako is going to be studying at Leeds next year

The member of the Japanese Imperial Family will join the university in September

Everything you said you’d do in Leeds as a fresher, but never did

Leeds is bigger than you realised

A Cat Café is officially opening in Leeds

Everybody try to remain calm

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington spotted filming at Kirkstall Abbey

He was joined by Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler

Introducing Manahatta: A little piece of New York right here in Leeds

A yellow taxi parked on Greek Street can only mean one thing

We spoke to the people who were part of Leeds RAG First Dates

Was it love at first sight or second time lucky at Fruity?

Taco Bell is opening in Leeds

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for

All the signs that you are way over being a fresher

You spend more time in the library than the club

Leeds RAG is doing its own First Dates

Singletons of Leeds, your time has come, First Dates is coming and you can all get involved

Nobody panic, but there’s a gin festival coming to Leeds this summer

It’s the news you’ve been waiting for

A look behind the scenes at the Leeds RAG Fashion Show

One of Leeds’ most hotly anticipated events has arrived

A relationship expert explains why women are so put off by nice guys

Why am I like this