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Megan Slack

Fashion Editor at The Tab Leeds

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These are literally the best dressed people in Leeds this week

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Leeds’ Clubbers of the Week

What Halloween hangover?

Leeds’ clubbers of the week: Halloween special

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These are the best dressed people in Leeds this Halloween

Painting the town red, with fake blood

I got Clubbers of the Week, I’ll count ’em

One, don’t pick blue VK over tropical VK

I was busy thinking ’bout Clubbers of the Week

I need that bad boy to do me right on a Friday

Clubbers of the Week

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Clubbers of Freshers’ Week

There is no better time to bring back clubbers of the week.

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Tributes paid to Leeds Beckett student who died in Hyde Park on Friday morning

Harry Loker’s body was found with a number of ‘unexplained injuries’

A student house in Leeds was broken into whilst the tenants were still away for the summer

They weren’t even told about it until they moved in