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Here is everything you need to know about the FESTIVAL happening in Leeds this Easter

Rugby boys, cocktails and music – YES PLS

It's Spring Break and instead of partying on a private island, or even just in Hyde Park, we are all crying in the library. However, I refuse to let dissertation and exam season completely ruin my Easter bank holiday. After all, Jesus would have wanted us to live our best lives.

Leeds Beckett student, Dan James, is most definitely living his best life. He is throwing a festival with his student loan called, 'Jungle Se7ens' on the 21st April.

Dan's business, Tropic Nation Limited, promotes social growth through sport and that is exactly what he sets out to do at the festival.

Posted by Tropic Nation on Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Jungle Se7ens is the North's headline music and sport's festival. There will be rugby boys, killer DJs and sick decor by CTC Events – are you ready to get tropical?

With Utah Saints, Jozef K and many more DJs playing, Jungle Se7ens is set out to be the next up and coming student festival in Leeds.

East Village are running the bevs

Our beloved student bar will be running the Jungle Se7ens cocktail garden. Cheap, strong and delicious cocktails in the sun – what more could you want? It certainly beats hunting for Easter eggs with your bratty younger siblings that's for sure.

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BUMBLE is working the event

Whether you met your soulmate, fuck buddy or the biggest snake in Leeds, we all have a Bumble story to share. And with constant Bumble branding on campus, from bike seats to posters, you will never forget those stories either.

With Bumble at the festival, maybe you will find true love this Easter. Besides, with all those matchmakers bopping around at least you have someone qualified to advise you on your relationship problems. Although, nothing beats a DMC in the girls' toliets, let's be real.

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Leeds Beckett and Leeds Uni women's teams will be playing

If bevs, food and music aren't your thing, then come down to support your uni rugby teams. Let's promote girl power and go watch our leading ladies.

Charles Watkins Foundation is partnering with them

After a few bevs and a cheeky flirt, it's time for a charitable contribution. Mental health is a huge issue on campus currently. From increasing suicide rates to personal accounts of student mental health, we need to do everything we can to help.

At the festival, Tropic Nation will be fundraising and donating some of their profits to the on-going work of the Charles Watkins Foundation. Any contribution would be incredibly valuable.

There will be vegan Caribbean food to soak up all those cocktails

New dish alert ??Ackee & Saltfish Bowl• Ackee• Jackfruit Saltfish• Quinoa & Peas• Salad• HummusPerfect lunch dish with these warmer days coming ??#vitalcafe

Posted by Vital Cafe on Monday, February 18, 2019

Vital, a local cafe in Headingly, will be running a pop up vegan cafe at the festival. What's more tropical than Caribbean food?!

The pop up will spark your new summer addiction for Vital food. But worry not Uni Of students, they are opening up a new cafe in Hyde Park in a few months. THANK GOD, we don't have to trek all the way to Headingly.

Grab your tickets for Jungle Se7ens here.

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Photo Credit: Tropic Nation Facebook Page