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Exclusive: Canal Mills owners suggest a new venue will open soon

You don’t need to sell your wavey garms just yet

Following the heart-breaking announcement that Canal Mills will be closing its doors for the final time on New Years Day, a dark cloud fell over the population of Leeds.

Today however, that dark cloud has been lifted, as James Bolger from Canal Mills revealed that a new venue will be opening in 2019, soon after Canal Mills' final event.

He told The Tab Leeds: "We'll be opening a new venue in 2019, details are to follow very soon on this".

This new venue could be the answer to the "next venture" which Canal Mills hinted towards in their statement, in which they promised: "As one door closes, another opens – stay tuned for our next venture". You don't need to thrift all of your wavey garms on Depop just yet, because we can always hope that a venue as legendry as Canal Mills is waiting behind this "new door".

Whilst this new venue is gradually revealed to us, plans to turn the current Canal Mills site into a residential development should have been approved by April 17th.

However, in a rare occurrence, the approval deadline has been extended until the 21st August. The proposal to turn the beloved venue into a mixture of townhouses, apartments and commercial space has yet to be confirmed.