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Here are the best dressed Leeds Graduates this year

The class of 2018 are in a class of their own

There are some days in your life when you really just have to look good: your leaver's prom and your wedding day, just to name a few, but let's face it, nothing will ever matter more to you than looking good for your graduation. Your graduation pics are going to follow you around for the rest of your life, so it is pretty much essential that you pull off a look which you will still be proud of when you catch the photo on a wall in 20 years time. Thankfully, these Leeds grads have all nailed their graduation outfits, so take note, and you too can get that new profile picture material.

Laura, Nutrition

Did you even graduate from Leeds Uni if you didn't get a photo on Parkinson steps? Of course not, but with her leopard print dress, Laura is bringing out a whole new look to Parkinson, one which you all only wish you could compete with.

Ola, Business Management

You can't even deny that you would let someone manage your business if they were dressed like that.

September, History and Philosophy

When in doubt follow September's lead, wear red, and you can't really go too far wrong.

Bex, Fashion Marketing

Of course the pressure is on to pick a winning outfit when you're a fashion grad, but luckily for Bex, she pulled it off.

Paige, Psychology (International)

Somebody give Paige a best dressed award with her 2:1 in Psychology, because I think we can all agree that she deserves it.

Sophie, Accounting and Finance

When you're shoes and skirt both match Parkinson steps, you know you're doing well.

Lydia, Media and communications

Lydia is reminding us all that graduation is, in fact, in summer, with her bright yellow dress, despite the grey clouds above Leeds (but some things never change).

Sally, Environmental Science

Sally is showing us how floral prints can never fail, and if you are bold enough to wear orange, it is a risk which can pay off.

Olivia, Spanish

You too would be drinking celebratory prosecco if your outfit looked as good as Olivia's.


Firstly, Lika made it into best dressed because she seems to be the only graduate who remembered to bring a bag, and secondly, because her dress just can not be left out of best dressed graduates 2018.