It’s official, Rhun Gwilym is Leeds’ most eligible bachelor

He came, he saw, he conquered

After four rounds and over 12,000 votes, the results are finally in: Rhun Gwilym is your most eligible bachelor.

Over 11,000 of you voted in the final alone, and Rhun gained a staggering 91% of the vote. Wow.

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I'm not really surprised though. He's a "sexy" Welsh bachelor, so obvs he's stolen the hearts of the ladies in Leeds. What more can you ask for?

When he heard about his victory, Rhun said: "At uni, I'm known as the welsh wizard because of my technically gifted hand skills – if you know what I mean. This is especially evident when in goal for @boroladsinleeds as I'm sure they would corroborate. I also want to say that there was no Russian involvement in this whatsoever.

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"I would like to share this prestigious award with @boroladsinleeds as I wouldn't have won it without them and with the my friends and family from back home in north Wales and here in Leeds". What a babe.