All the signs that you are way over being a fresher

You spend more time in the library than the club

It’s that time of the year when the realisation that you are not a fresher anymore hits hard. Here are just some of the main signs which suggest that you are no longer a fresher.

You spend your nights in the library rather than the club

Remember the days before assignment deadlines and approaching exams?  The university dream that every night is an everlasting party comes to a painful end over the coming weeks. You may be ending the night with a Mc Donald’s breakfast, but that will be on the way home from your all night session at the library.

You time things so you spend the majority of your time in bed

It’s the night before a lecture and you set your alarm so you are cutting it to the final second, and even then you hit snooze in the morning. The days of arriving to a lecture with some spare time are officially over.

You have a substantial library bill

Remember the first time when you visited the library and you promised yourself you would always hand your books in on time? Now however, your bill is so big you could have bought a villa in the South of France and entry to Donuts for the rest of the year.

When you see toilet roll as an investment

It’s the feeling over having to choose between cookies or toilet roll, and you immediately know you have made the wrong choice every week.

 You stop taking event flyers

Gone are the days when you accepted every single flyer in the fear of missing out on an event. At this stage of the year you either have your unchangeable favourite events, or you just don’t even have time to go out anymore.

 You no longer eat takeaways every day

Pizza every night in September didn’t seem like a bad idea when you had enough pizza vouchers to sink a ship from fresher’s week. However, your pizza days are now numbered and you actually find yourself cooking healthy meals and buying fruit.

Loud flat mates begin to annoy you

Your flat mates Take That CD may have been the gift that kept on giving throughout the first semester, but your fresher days are truly over when you close yourself in your room with a pillow over your ears in a desperate attempt to preserve yourself for your 9am lecture.

You stop making friends with everybody

Fresher’s week saw a rise in your Facebook friends by around 200% as you added everyone in the club and thought you would go out with them every week. But now, you occasionally see their posts and are left wondering- how are they doing in life?

You see people coming for interviews and applicant days

You have correctly thought that you are the freshest face on campus until the day you see applicants arriving for interviews and tours. It is only then that you realise the fresher days are dangerously limited.

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