£34,000 of Leeds’ legal highs to be destroyed

The drugs were seized from Headingley and Harehills

court crime headingley legal highs red eye ruling

Leeds magistrates court yesterday ruled that £34,000 worth of legal highs were to be destroyed.

The drugs were seized from “Red Eye” in Headingley and “High Rollaz” in Harehills in May after a warning in May.

Tests carries out on the drugs revealed that some were toxic and others capable of causing hallucinations.

Despite their obvious legal status, under product safety regulations the court permitted them to be destroyed.

Leeds has seen a massive increase of incidents linked to the use of these substances from 28 in 2012-2013 to now 441 in 2014-15.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Councillor Mark Dobson said: “There has been a number of incidents in West Yorkshire where young people have been taken seriously ill after use, which shows just how dangerous taking substances like these can be.”

The ruling by the Court has been heralded as a “landmark” by the police and Trading Standards, so one can only assume more like this are to come.