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Duncan Claber
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Leeds ‘lower-class’ social hockey team banned from competitions and Captain removed

The Union has hit hard

We spoke to the Leeds finalist whose Tinder profile PowerPoint went viral

Where’s the giant WordArt?

Exclusive: LUU held chav nights at Fruity every year until 2012

The events were advertised with a ‘gold hoop earrings and trackies’ dress code

Leeds women’s hockey club told to dress up as ‘lower-class’ people for chav social

They described themselves as ‘educated fair maidens’ who would find the theme ‘entirely alien’

Leeds’ most eligible bachelor 2017: Round one

Get voting

Nominations are open for The Tab Leeds’ most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Yes, you can nominate yourself

I don’t pay £9,000 a year to wear my coat in seminars

Next week I’m taking a duvet

Death of Leeds Beckett student not thought to be suspicious

His injuries are still unaccounted for

Everything you should know about Leeds that wasn’t in the prospectus

The stuff you actually need to know

Bakery 164 are going to Canal Mills and this time it’s for real

We’re being serious


Does anyone really know why they were there in the first place?

Jeremy Corbyn will be in the Brudenell Social Club this afternoon

The guy can’t get enough of Leeds

Leeds’ BNOC of the Year 2017: Round two

If you’re friends didn’t nominate you, are they really your friends?

Sigma and Kurupt FM are headlining Leeds Ball

View the full lineup here

Police investigating attack on woman in Hyde Park

The attack is believed to have taken place this morning

‘Everyone was surprisingly calm, there was an air of solidarity’: What happened inside Parliament on Wednesday

Politics isn’t always friendly, but it was yesterday

The LUU is holding a referendum

Sadly, it’s not about lowering Fruity’s drink prices

LUU are organising a march against the government’s Higher Education plans

Who doesn’t love a good protest?

Leeds is one of the cheapest cities in the UK for a pint

Another reason why you love Leeds more than home

LUU votes against NSS boycott

It was a unanimous decision

Headingley takeaway wins British Kebab Award

The Oscars of drunk food

Blurring out VK’s won’t stop us drinking them

Yet another unrealistic beauty standard for VK’s

LUU election sees lowest voter turnout in years

You probably didn’t vote did you

Oxley residence is closing down

It’s that one that’s miles away

Stage catches fire during a Jack Whitehall gig in Leeds

The next episode in the “celebs do weird shit in Leeds” series

Gryphon accused of bias in LeadLUU coverage

But no one reads the Gryphon

It’s about damn time laundry was free in all university halls

Leeds is leading the way, why isn’t every other uni?

Drake spent over £500 on Nando’s in Leeds last night


This Geordie LUU campaign video is what we’ve all been waiting for

Why aye man!

Laundry to be made free in Leeds uni halls

Sticking two fingers up at Circuit Laundry

Scandal hits Exec elections as candidate backtracks on Brexit

But does anyone care?

Melz is now performing at Leeds Ball this Saturday

Started from the bottom now she here

Party on Monday, exam on Tuesday: Leeds Clubbers of the Week

You like to live dangerously

Leeds have now released a whole bizarre collection of library animals

This is just getting ridiculous now

Leeds Uni rises up seven places in Guardian Uni Rankings

Beckett are five from the bottom

Leeds library staff are really losing it with desk hoggers

Are they on the verge of a meltdown?

How to turn your library session into a gym workout

Your guide to getting a first class body and a first class degree

Lecturers not happy after Leeds staff newsletter advertises cosmestic surgery

‘This is my place of work, and a focus in this context on normative bodily aesthetics is out of place’

Here’s the wildest clubbers in Leeds this week

Shouldn’t you guys be revising?

LUU holds big ‘Brexit’ debate

Are you in or out?

A second year built a pool from scratch in his Hyde Park garden

Is this the Costa del Leeds?

Clubbers of the week

Take a break from revision and see if you made it this week

Our new Head of IT resigned from his former banking job during £1bn debt crisis

He ran a project that cost £200million

The best of the internet’s reaction to the Leeds sonic boom

“I survived the Leeds sonic boom”

Sonic booms heard across Leeds were ’caused by RAF fighter jets’

People said their houses shook

The best clubbers in Leeds this week

They came, they saw, they partied

The Leeds Ball ticket website keeps crashing

This isn’t Glastonbury

Control is going to become an indoor trampoline park


LUU are launching their own beer

They could have given it a better name tbh

Clubbers of the week – beginning of term special

It’s the beginning of the end

No-platforming people could be ‘illegal’

According to a UK barrister

People aren’t happy about the litter chaos in Hyde Park from 4/20

One resident called it a ‘pisstake’

We went to Hyde Park on 4/20 to talk to people about weed

They sat on some grass and smoked some grass

These artists are making the whole of Leeds out of cake

Hyde Park would be the tastiest part

Control has gone into liquidation after owing £1.139million


Donald Trump to make a guest appearance at Quids in at Pryzm

He’s gonna make clubbing great again

One in 10 are denied extenuating circumstances for mental health

Some universities have turned down over 20 per cent of cases

The most common mental health problems at each university

Depression and anxiety came out on top

Clubbers of the week: End of term special

It’s Easter bitches

There are only 10 Students’ Unions that give out free tampons

End the tampon tax

Leeds University Scouts in a bid to win £5k after crashing minibus

They need to find the money for the damages

The universities with the highest student satisfaction

Loughborough is number one

This week’s best clubbers

Procrastinate hard, party harder

Petition calls on government to finally stop basing loans on parental income

Some student loans don’t even cover rent

Meet your new LUU exec

The results have FINALLY been announced

Leeds is the most dangerous city in the UK


In case you missed them, these are all the Exec election videos

It’s almost over

The wildest clubbers in Leeds this week

What will your mother say?

An interview with the most upvoted candidates from The Tab’s ‘Lead LUU’ interviews

Have The Tab’s readers predicted the winners?

Here’s what you missed from the Lead LUU Question Time

It wasn’t that exciting to be honest

Second year received marriage proposals after appearing on Tipping Point

She only went on to win some extra money

One of the E&D candidates didn’t know what ‘No Platform Policy’ is

It’s a contentious issue on campuses across the UK

Old Bar is safe… apparently

The Chief Exec of LUU promises

Leeds Beckett is the fifth best uni in the country for producing CEOs

Beckett breeds more business leaders than Oxford, LSE or Leeds Uni

The maddest clubbers in Leeds this week

Is this the week you finally made it?

Melz is going to be rapping at Beaver Works next Friday

She’s performing with Section Boyz and P Money

Leeds student and Manchester grad missing after climbing Ben Nevis

Search crews have been looking for them since last Monday

An 18-year-old was sexually assaulted in Pryzm last night

Police are yet to identify the suspect

The craziest clubbers in Leeds this week

A lot of you weren’t very happy this week

LUU Exec candidate’s banner taken hostage by Fruity-goers

They’re demanding free tickets

Melz has just dropped a Stormzy campaign video and it’s incredible

Tell the other contenders shut up

‘Students for Britain’ are using condoms to make you vote to leave the EU

We spoke to the Politics fresher running the campaign from his bedroom

Don’t panic, but the Gryphon website is down

Error 404, Gryphon not found

Can you name all the Leeds Beckett halls?

Take our quiz to find out

A Leeds Professor says the world is going to run out of chocolate

He’s calling it the ‘choc-apocalypse’

Three rugby players suspended for alleged homophobic tweets

A disciplinary investigation has been launched

Fresher takes seven second Uber from Fruity to Charles Morris

It cost him £3.00

Clubbers of the week: Valentine’s special

Love is in the air

Here are the highlights of the Leeds RAG Fashion Show

And you thought you were edgy

LRFS abandon ‘free the nipple’ campaign

The posters were deemed ‘inappropriate’ by the RAG committee

Leeds Snowriders are putting on a festival at Beaver Works

They’ve invited every other snowsports society in the UK

A psychologist can tell your personality by what degree you study

Law students are apparently untrustworthy

‘Exploitative’ modelling flyers posted through Hyde Park letterboxes

They tell women there’ll be ‘no more depending on guys’

Do we really need celeb-themed nights to have fun?

There’s nothing special about getting sleazy with yeezy

Can you name all the Leeds Uni halls?

Take our quiz to find out

Hyde Park plunged into darkness

Full electricity is set to return by 7pm

Greggs are going gluten-free

Yorkshire’s favourite bakers are on a health kick

Three men charged over Hyde Park murder

They will appear in court tomorrow

David Cameron was in the Brudenell Road mosque this morning

The PM visited to speak to local Muslim women

Victim named as local man in Hyde Park murder case

The body of Michael Ayres was found near One Stop on Saturday night

Essay season panic as Turnitin goes down

This is exactly what we did not want to happen