Straight girls need to stop pulling each other in clubs

You’re confusing everyone

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The majority of us girls have kissed our mates in clubs – it’s one of the norms of going out and getting drunk. Trust me, you try going out without seeing straight girls making out with other straight girls: it can’t be done.

But how would you feel if one of your guy mates from home drank half a bottle of White Zinfandel and started sending you Snapchats of him necking off with one of his straight guy mates? You’d probably feel  a bit uncomfortable – and yet you’re doing the same thing.


You know it looks hot, we know it looks hot, and everyone knows you’re just doing it for attention. If the attention you seek isn’t from a bald 40-year-old who never made it past first year of uni touching himself in the corner of Fruity though, it’s time to stop.

Making out with straight girls is just buying into the stereotype of girls being easy when they’re drunk. If you’re going around kissing every Tom, Dick, and Harry – well, Tess, Donna, and Holly – then you’re just reinforcing this reputation.

Sure, some of you will argue that straight girls kissing straight girls in clubs is some form of sexual liberation for women, but if you get a thrill out of what it does to the guys around you, and your aim to is to gain attention from these guys, then it’s not empowering women in any way – it’s degrading them.


You’re promoting the sexualisation of girls that the majority of you will probably argue against when you’re confronted about it, slurring your way through a feminist speech you’ve perfected for exactly this moment.

To be honest, it’s just confusing for the guys – and girls – around you. You’re complicating what is already a terrifying minefield of hooking up possibilities.

Plus, you’re making being a lesbian seem like nothing more than a fashion trend, a hobby for your drunken nights out – strutting around clubs like “Oh look at me, I’m so naughty” and giggling as you make out with your closest mates, when really you’re just making light of other people’s sexuality. You’re better than that.

Putting it simply, straight girls need to stop making out with straight girls in clubs. Start making out with straight guys instead.

Photos: JoeB and David Wilkinson