Loaded at Tiger Tiger wants you to ‘dress less to impress’

The club night has been blasted for its raunchy advertising

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FlyNight Events have come under fire for the provocative advertising of their night “Loaded”.

The burlesque-themed night at Tiger Tiger has been advertised with phrases such as “dress less to impress” and “good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Loaded” alongside pictures of scantily-clad women.

People were quick to criticise the advertising on LUU Femsoc pages, with one commenter deeming the posters “awful”.

Despite the social media uproar, many students were quick to defend the advertising.

Third year Broadcast Journalism student Emily Willson said: “I’m not offended, as it’s not necessarily saying that girls have to wear less.

“I don’t think it wasn’t meant to offend – it just maybe wasn’t the best choice of words.”

Fifth year Dentistry student Abhinay Settipalli agreed: “I don’t think it’s offensive, to be honest.

“Just because a few people are offended it doesn’t mean they’re right.”

Questioned whether they thought the advertising was appropriate, a spokesperson from FlyNight Events said: “Dress less to impress is merely a play on words to match the theme Burlesque – it’s not actually meant to encourage people to dress less, but is referring to the phrase dress to impress.

“We feel like our comments may have been taken out of context, but we’ll address our promotion very sensitively in the future to avoid any confusion.”