Best blogs on campus

And you spend your spare time reading The Tab

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When it comes to the art of blogging Leeds isn’t too shabby, with most of our uni’s brightest and best feeling the need to constantly update their followers on their trendy outfits or the hottest spots to grab a fluffed up cappucino or vegan cupcake.

Our worth is now based on how many likes a picture rakes in or on our choice of filter – and some are much better than others. We went on a quest to find the best bloggers on campus, so you can work out what you’re missing.

Bea Lea

Bryony Dodds, Media & Journalism, Third Year

This fashionista combines up-and-coming trends with her own unique style. Readers have the pleasure of a variety of posts ranging from fashion advice to serene interior decoration. The overall appearance is clean, sharp and chic.

Of Dresses & Dolls 

Claire McQue, English & French, Third Year (On a year abroad in Montpellier)

Written by the style editor of the Gryphon, Claire updates us on her daily activities and provides down-to-earth advice with a dash of wit. Her posts include a mixture of travel, fashion and indulgent eat-outs.

Katya Kozary 

History, Third Year

This in-depth vegan-friendly blog demonstrates ways to train your nutrition and spiritualise your soul – so very Leeds indeed. Katya recommends various places to travel and sources of food to make you feel at one with nature.

Healthy Jon

Jon Weston-Stanley, Product Design, 3rd Year

The title says it all. Jon posts inspiring and delicious looking photos of the food he’s created which promise to help boost your health kick. With a growing Instagram following, Jon will easily recruit a foodie nation with his mouth-watering creations – and he might also motivate you  to show your face at the gym once in a while.

Tees on Toast

Ruby Weatherall and Phoebe Rolls, Chinese 3rd years

“Inspired by the simplicity of a piece of toast, toast is your go-to breakfast, a t-shirt your go-to garment.” Tees on Toast is a gallery of the unedited, beautiful photos of these third years and also gives you the opportunity to get them on a t-shirt.



Emma Sheldon, Broadcast Journalism, 4th Year

“Beauty, Fashion, Life” – exactly that. Em shares her activities with a constant update on the events she’s attended and details of her outfit choices.  After reading a few posts, you’ll be made to feel a part of her busy life.

We Need to Live More

Ella Denton, Graduate

Anthropology meets Boho-chic in this beautiful blog. Ella expresses her spiritual side through a number of Deliciously Ella-esque, yoga-loving, adventure-inspiring foodie posts.

Shot From the Street  

Lizzy Hadfield, Graduate

Lizzy’s minimalist, greige design creates a sophisticated and elegant appearance, with an incredibly clean-cut feel.

Camera Eats

Tara Adlestone, Graduate

Tara gives us some food for thought with a massive amount of delicious-looking recipes.