Dunkin’ Donuts announce late night plans for new Leeds branch

You’re about to have a new drunk food of choice

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Kebabs could soon be replaced by doughnuts as Leeds’ favourite drunk food after Dunkin’ Donuts announced plans to stay open all night.

The company opened their first store in Northern England on Merrion Street this week, and have now set their sights on the lucrative post night-out snacking market.

Dunkin’ Donuts CEO Nigel Travis at the new store [Picture: Yorkshire Post]

The new site will also incorporate American ice cream brand Baskin-Robbins, giving customers even more choice to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Bosses of the new store, which is next to Pryzm, have announced plans to extend opening hours for late-night dining.

Jim Johnstone, general manager of Dunkin’ Brands UK, told the Yorkshire Post the move is aimed at drawing in peckish nightclub punters.

He said: “There’s an opportunity here to develop our opening hours, with the nightlife surrounding this location as well.

“So with a nightclub right next door to it, we can open until much later in the evening.

“The reason that we can do that here is because the entrance to the store is not inside a shopping centre.

“Shopping centres are great but limit trading hours because once the shopping centre closes the store has to close.”

The shopping centre comment could be seen as a dig at rival Krispy Kreme, who recently opened such a store in Trinity.

If a doughnut feud is about to erupt, one thing’s for certain – whoever loses, we all win.