Uni of ranked as nicer, more beautiful, but less happy than Leeds Beckett

But apparently they’re funnier than us

This week Student Money Saver’s alternative university league table revealed we all think we’re all really fit, even though we’re miserable about it – but at least we’re nice people.

The survey, which rated over 1,000 students from across the UK on their beauty, ability to buy drugs, and party animal tendencies.

Here’s how Leeds uni compared to its “rival” Leeds Beckett.


Scored out of five, where five is the nicest person you can possibly be – think Brady Bunch levels of niceness.

Leeds Uni: 3.7

Leeds Beckett: 3.5

History third year David Cowlishaw agrees: “In my experience, Leeds uni people have always been lovelier than Beckett. I think it comes from not having a chip on their shoulder about going to a poly”.

Most disgusting

The amount of students who responded with “I have done this” when asked “I’ve thrown up and/or urinated all over someone’s house and didn’t clean it up”:

Leeds Uni: 19 per cent 

Leeds Beckett: 40 per cent 



Scored out of five, where five is elated:

Leeds Uni: 3.8

Leeds Beckett: 3.9

I know we’re all sad that Eddy B is closing but really get over it

Leeds Beckett marginally won this one. Eddy B is closing though to be fair, who in their right mind would be elated about that?

Most irresponsible

The amount of students who answered yes to “I have, or have planned to set off fire alarms in halls”:

Leeds Uni: 10 per cent

Leeds Beckett: 20 per cent

Typical Beckett.

Self-rated beauty

Scored out of five, where five is an absolute worldie.

Leeds Uni: 3.8

Leeds Beckett: 2.4

y’all remember Charli?

Third year economics student Jenny Cumiskey agrees: “Of course we’re better looking, the Made in Chelsea cast are all Leeds uni alumni, that says it all doesn’t it?”.

Most druggy

The amount of students who said that if they wanted drugs, they could get them in a day:

Leeds Uni: 60 per cent

Leeds Beckett: 52 per cent 

Nice to see uni take this one home. Gurning since day one.

typical Uni student apparently


Scored out of 5, with 5 being hilarious and 1 being tumbleweed:

Leeds Uni: 2.7

Leeds Beckett: 3.4

So apparently the students of Leeds Beckett are funnier than those at uni. You have to have a good sense of humour to want to go to Leeds Beckett I suppose.


Self-rated, of course. The number of students who agreed with the statement “I am more intelligent with most people”:

Leeds Uni: 3.5

Leeds Beckett: 2.6

Uni trumped Beckett in this category, something I think we can all agree on. You go Glen Coco.

Especially when we spend the weekend in Eddy B



According to the survey, Leeds Uni students are poorer than those at Beckett.

Leeds Uni: 3

Leeds Beckett: 2.5

Third-year French and Linguistics student Gaby Haugh said: “Well we might be poorer now but at least we’ll get a job after uni…”


Biggest party animals

With 40 per cent of students defining themselves as party animals, Leeds Beckett are the craziest of the two, compared to just 10 per cent of uni students.

Of course, Robert Gordon University has the highest number of party animals, closely followed by University of the Highlands and Islands and University of Cumbria. If you say so.

What did you expect?