Leeds Graduates are the second most successful in Yorkshire


Leeds University has been named the second best University in Yorkshire for Graduate prospects.

The data released by the 2016 University League table has proven 74.5 per cent of Leeds grads go on to have solid employment, meaning they’re in the top 25 for the whole county.

Parkinson_Building,_Leeds_University,_England-12Sept2010 (1)

Although narrowly beaten by Sheffield University’s 76.9 per cent Graduate Prospects rating.

Leeds University managed to top Hull and York’s scores. As well as smashing Leeds Beckett’s 55.2 per cent score by almost 19.3 per cent.

Leeds Medics should also be safe in the knowledge that 100 per cent of those who study Medicine at the university went into employment, with joint first place in the UK rankings.


However History grads beware, the league table reveals only 63 per cent of grads have good prospects.

Equally Psychology students should also be cautious with a score of just 61 per cent.

Although any budding future MP’s out there should rest assured that by the next election any former Politics grads will likely be in with a job as Leeds scored a reasonable 70 per cent.