SHOCK: Rugby social gets a bit rowdy

Some of them did a poo

Boozed-up rugby players misbehaved on a night out, it has emerged.

Members of the University of Leeds Rugby Union side threw eggs and set off smoke bombs during an Otley Run social.

Their antics culminated in the mob defecating in front of Charles Morris halls, in a move that could not only finish Leeds Rugby Union, but sport in general.

The pillocks have let the Uni down yet again, this fresh embarrassment coming a mere month and a half after the team’s humiliating defeat to Beckett at Varsity.

Scene of the crime

Elsewhere, windows were smashed at Storm Jameson, resulting in one of them having to go to hospital with a severed achilles tendon.

The group was dressed in camouflage gear, and so were virtually invisible as they charged around Leeds laying waste to all before them.

A manager of The Headingley Taps told The Gryphon: “They trashed the place.

“They were fine when they were getting their drinks, but once they got what they wanted, they turned.

“They began jumping up and down on furniture, and some tried to rip down our licensing signs. I told them off, and they just ignored everything I said.

“By the end of it, the walls were coated in egg. They had thrown them. The cartons were left on the floor for the staff to pick up.”

The boys will have to think about what they’ve done, but speculation is that this could be the last time any Rugby player has a drink, ever.

Our thoughts are with the Charles Morris cleaners at this difficult time.