Yet another brilliant student music video: Medics make a song and dance out of how tough their degree is

Leeds Medic Council have either produced one of the cultural highlights of the decade or a desperate cautionary tale. We’ll let you decide which.

Just in case you thought cringy music videos were only for Student exec elections and Loughborough SU, here’s an offering from Leeds MSRC – that’s the Leeds Medical Student’s Representative Councils (don’t worry, we’d never heard of them either).

In this three minute nineteen second epic, we explore the madcap world of being a medic at Leeds – like early morning lectures and anatomy tests – all while they sing a questionably rewritten version of what we assume is a Disney song, sung competently if we’re being generous.

‘I shall now perform this bypass through the medium of interpretative dance’

It begins with a small ‘dance routine’ so simple even Ann Widdecombe could master it, inexplicably performed in front of what is quite clearly an empty lecture theatre.

We can only assume this has greater significance if you’ve been studying the dark arts of modern medicine.

Next, we get a glimpse of how mental Medic nights out are. They even dress up AS DOCTORS, those crazy cats. I mean, imagine if all students dressed up as their future profession for nights out: English students would be dressing like teachers, Law students like twats, and Drama students would be doing a passable impression of the unemployed.

If you wanted outfits that showed imagination, you should have gone on an Arts bar crawl

From this point onwards, the video’s blue hoodie-wearing Samaritans repeatedly swoop in to help out a group of medical students with such frequency that you’ll begin to wonder whether these people actually deserve to be doctors in the first place.

Before these two showed up, he didn’t even know which way up to hold the X-Ray

Some of their complaints are so minor, it becomes hard to maintain a lot of sympathy. After all, everyone has to suffer in the library at some point, but at least they get to do it with some Haribo and plenty of study space.

Don’t worry, that line of the song is meant to be ironic. We think.

Fortunately, blue hoodie-wearing superheroes are on hand to help out. Well, sort of.

Turns out they can’t do anything about the workload or the fact the Haribo have run out, so instead they tell the students to “think of drinks in the Terrace”, which just seems cruel given how much work they still have to get through.

To make matters worse, according to the video, drinks in the Terrace means an empty bottle of water. So much for those mental Medic nights out then!

Alright, calm down

Things go from bad to worse for our plucky trio, as they jump from the library to treating an actual, living patient. Or at the very least an actual, living person, pretending to be a patient.

What happens next is extremely unclear but it seems that one of the group reclines the patient’s chair when they’re not meant to, leaving the patient facing IMMINENT DEATH. Nothing else can explain the shocked look on this girl’s face.

Something, though we have no idea what, has gone TERRIBLY wrong.

Fortunately, someone is on hand to rush in (literally) and save the day, by putting the seat back up, thus solving whatever medical problem was caused by lowering it. It’s a good thing they were there too, as suddenly the blue hoodies are nowhere to be seen, presumably because they’re utterly useless.

Of course there’s a big problem with this whole bit, because if it’s meant to demonstrate the high levels of skill medical students need to possess, they probably should have picked something more complicated and life-threatening than figuring out how to use a reclining chair. A scene of them all knitting would have made a more compelling case for how complex and stressful their degree can be.

Considering that, it’s even more concerning that the next bit of medical ‘stuff’ we see them doing is delivering a FUCKING BABY. How on earth is a guy who nearly killed a guy on a recliner allowed to help bring a new life into the world, and why does he need to look so excited while he does it?

It’s wrong to look this fascinated at the sight of a baby coming out of a vagina

Bizarrely, the blonde girl stops delivering the baby to rush across the room to help someone (the father of the child perhaps?) who has collapsed on the floor and would appear to be dying. All in all, the whole thing makes about as much sense as an episode of Grey’s Anatomy directed by David Lynch. If they’d filmed this bit in slow-motion with a grating voiceover and a Snow Patrol song in the background, you’d be in tears by now.

I dunno, he seems pretty dead to me

Next up, a reminder that medics get to go abroad. Fuck they really do have it hard don’t they. We should probably tone down the criticisms and not mention the ungodly armpit hair that looks you straight in the eye, the baffling decision to sunbathe while wearing socks, or the fact they’re clearly still in Leeds.

No comment.

And then, it happens. Two minutes and 34 seconds into the video (though it feels much, much longer since you lived in a world where you hadn’t watched this video), for no apparent reason, the guy HEADBUTTS the blonde girl.

Fed up with not having any patients to treat, Derek decided to injure one of his own

Is this part of the Medic mating process? A ‘hilarious’ blooper that actually made its way into the final cut? Or an act of rage because he felt the production hadn’t given him a big enough trailer?

All we really know is that it was bloody awkward for the girl at the other end of the bench.

After presumably serving time at her Majesty’s pleasure, our male medic is back moments later and miraculously now appears to be a fully-trained doctor. We have literally no idea how this happened. Neither does he probably.

If you can read this graph, then you too must be a doctor

Just in case the video hasn’t sold you on the ‘fun’ part of being a Medic – but what’s not fun about causing actual bodily harm and getting a sock tanline, I hear you cry – there’s enough time left for a few quick pictures of the fun societies medics can join.

Pictures like this.

So much fun.

The song then appears to end on the bold (and admittedly baffling) claim that ‘MRSC makes Docs the best in Leeds’ – presumably the doctors from everywhere else remain considerably better.

Just when you think they’re done though, another a capella chorus is tacked on the end, clearly because the song they got as backing music didn’t turn out to be long enough for them to say everything amazing about being a medic in Leeds.

The end also features a slow-motion ‘hero walk’ towards the camera, just like that bit in Apollo 13 before they get on the rocket and everything goes tits up. Thankfully, the blue hoodies are back to act as guardian angels and shepherd them through life, or at the very least until the end of the corridor. What their role is beyond that, we really haven’t got a clue.

It’s strutting around in slow-motion like this that makes people dislike medics

At 902 views in one day (why world, why?), it’s surely only a matter of time before it reaches Radio 1 fame, like George’s Community Officer video did in March.

If that painful and exhaustive recap hasn’t put you off the video entirely, you can watch it below. And if it has, you’ve got this far so you might as well watch it. We might even be wrong, and it could be the Citizen Kane of Youtube videos. Only it can’t be, because we’ve not watched Citizen Kane.