Is this the craziest society AGM?

Booze, boobs and Boris Johnson. Bea Winsdor gives us the inside track on the Snowriders 2014 AGM.

Angelic, glorious, musical: it can only be one thing, the Snowriders AGM 2014!!

On the 8th May 2014, Marilyn Monroe, Margaret Thatcher, Ron Weasley, Boris Johnson and the Queen all gathered in the heart of Leeds. What occasion could summon these characters from death, jail, fiction and ruling of countries? Only the 2014 Snowriders AGM!

It has been said that once a year, the Leeds Snowrider can be found partaking in some good, clean, ballot based fun. To the naked eye, with a concoction of heavy drinking, questionable fancy dress and occasional nudity, one might assume this is a normal Snowriders night out. However, Snowriders were seen actually putting down their pints in favour of pens in order to vote in the new 2014/15 committee.

Sam Judd did a sterling job of kicking off the proceedings as he meticulously mixed uncooked cake ingredients together, which he then downed, whilst wishing Snowriders a happy 50th birthday. Who could ask for a better birthday present? Meanwhile, many guys running for committee may have a more sympathetic view towards the pains of being a girl on a night out from now on: a combination of beer and heels made for many hilarious incidents.

One embarrassed contestant confided in me his alarm at having to buy a size eighteen, whilst another exuded delight at how efficiently his dress allowed the breeze in. Despite everyone having donned the thickest of beer goggles, somehow these specimens did not become any more attractive as the night went on, with just a little too much rogue bodily hair on show. ‘Why so much drag?’ I hear you say…‘why not!’ is the answer.

However, beneath this façade of merriment, there was an undeniable whiff of determined, gritty competition to secure committee places. It may have been said that some contestants unashamedly disobeyed the well-known girl’s rule of displaying boobs OR legs and bore all in an attempt to sway voters with a ‘sex sells’ approach. Likewise, Billy Maddinson craftily appealed to the average virtuous Snowrider’s weak-spot for religion whilst reading out a prayer- hoping to get not only the voters, but also God on his side (suck up…)

Other tactics involved more nudity than a still-life drawing class, and dubious rapping, in a scene one could only liken to a Pitbull music video (but perhaps slightly less offensive.) James Barbour decided not to partake in such crafty strategies, instead choosing to funnel an assortment of meat paraphernalia whilst wearing a bright green missile and furry hat… something not many can say they have achieved.

Once the votes were counted, in typical Snowriders nature everyone celebrated with a glass of orange squash before hitting Eddy B for a few hours in order to be in bed for nine. Not. Voters, candidates and committee members old and new congregated at Terrace in a celebratory fashion to sample some beverages and jig the night away.