9 Things you’ll only understand if you lived in Lupton

You’ll never forget your first year. Here’s 9 signs you lived in the popular Headingley halls.

1. You applied for Henry Price.


2. This was your reaction when you found out you’d be sharing a bathroom.

3. The light going off in the middle of the shower was a constant pain.

4. When you told people you live in far-away Headingley you were met with blank stares.

5. During your time at Lupton you met about 2 people who actually applied to live there.

6. You had great intentions of walking the half hour to uni every day. You gave up walking after a week.

7. Having a stretch in the morning meant you were able to touch all four corners of your room.

8. You spent your nights standing in the cold in your pyjamas, waiting for the smoke alarms to stop.

9. Despite this, it took all of a day to realise that you actually love living at Lupton.