Vote now: The worst night out in Leeds

Don’t do a Russell Brand and abstain from voting – YOU could help one unlucky club earn the title of Leeds’ worst night out.


Let’s be honest – Leeds has its fair share of pretty awful clubs.

From the unhygienic to the downright gropey, YOU DECIDE which club shall be crowned Leeds Worst Night Out. Scroll down to cast your vote.

Which of these dives gets your vote?


Though it’s infamous from the ‘freshers violation scandal’, Mezz should be equally infamous for the strange watery taste of its shots.

Tequila claims to be ‘dedicated to oral pleasure’ but its dedication to body shots and objectifying women are what makes it a strong contender for grimiest club in town.

Stay classy Mezz


Frequented by Leeds Met lads on their sports socials. I’ll say no more.


This club would probably show you a better time if it had remained a place of worship. It attracts two types of people: vulnerable, over-excited freshers (the prey) and greasy, horny third-years (the predators).

As the novelty of being in a church wears off almost immediately, the only alternative to cringing to death at the DJ is to hang yourself from the pulpit or drown yourself in the vomit of those who cannot handle Quids In.

The middle finger has the right idea


Would you go down this dark alley?

Notoriously dirty with a sticky dance floor, Space has been a hit with locals but worth a miss for the more sophisticated student.

Tiger Tiger

If what you’re after is fake hair, fake eyelashes and a wasted Leeds local under the impression they can pull off skin-tight lycra then Tiger Tiger is the place to be. The bizarre characters, the dubious music and the irritating club layout all explain why the McDonalds across the road is always so jam-packed on Tiger Tiger nights.

Smiles… or grimaces?