Rebecca Shapiro

Rebecca Shapiro


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Straight-A student? University graduate? Not good enough!

Miserly adults tell us kids they’re still disappointed in us…

QUIZ: How Leeds are you?

Find out whether you’re a true Leeds uni lad or lass.

“An amazing fucked up union type thing”: Get Baked’s latest business venture

The Tab meets the man behind the world’s first munchies delivery business

Is it raining in Leeds?

The weather in West Yorkshire has finally decided to keep up with modern times; it has a Facebook page.

Fans left gutted after Jamie Laing’s disappointing club appearance

The Made in Chelsea star arrives late, screws up the DJ set and ditches the meet and greet session just 15 minutes in.

The Tab meets owner of best hair on campus

Catching up with second year student Aaron, the hair to the BNOC throne.

Spotted: the best barnet in Leeds?

The Tab is on a mission to find the man behind this week’s mane campus sensation.

10 Signs dissertation deadlines are approaching

From an over familiarity with Eddy B to an under familiarity with Fruity Fridays, dissertation stress can be recognised by 10 simple signs.

Editorial: Why Leeds Student needs to stay

How cutting the print edition of Leeds Student is letting down the students and showing up the union.

Tab tries: Speed Dating

When tinder fails, there’s always RAG speed dating to find the perfect match.


It may seem like no effort goes into Leeds’ infamous ‘edgy’ look. But, it does – and it isn’t easy.

Bodybuilding Leeds student looking for likes in online fitness competition

One Leeds student hopes to gain the edge over competitors in the search for Britain’s most athletic student.

Tab tries: Vertical Fitness Society

Because the only thing more fun than exercising and dancing is doing both on a pole…

10 chat up lines to pull a Politics student

For when you want things to get more heated than a session of Prime Minister’s Questions.

7 Best places to date around Campus

From grabbing a cheeky study break to soaking in the views at the Roger Stevens fountain, check out our top places to date on campus.

9 Things you’ll only understand once you leave Charles Morris

You might have moaned whilst there, but inhabiting the crème de la crème of Leeds halls had its benefits.

Three strikes and you’re out

More lectures cancelled tomorrow as unions call for third day of strikes this semester.

Stop being a good person – it’s February now

REBECCA SHAPIRO on why New Year’s resolutionaries should shut up, put the weights down and eat a Big Mac.

The Ultimate Guide to House Hunting like a Pro

Follow these 8 easy steps for success and you’ll have a house sorted in no time

Spend your dosh on Kosher nosh

Leeds becomes the first Union in the UK to stock a range of Kosher food

Edward Boyle Exposed

We interview our library’s Facebook persona because, let’s be honest, we all spend sleepless nights wondering what Edward Boyle’s favourite alcoholic beverage might be

10 Things You’ll Only Understand if You’re a Leeds Politics Student

Apart from mourning the loss of 4pm essay deadlines…

Vote now: The worst night out in Leeds

Don’t do a Russell Brand and abstain from voting – YOU could help one unlucky club earn the title of Leeds’ worst night out.

A message to Year Abroad-ers: Blog Off

REBECCA SHAPIRO explains why nobody cares about year abroad blogs

Why I have become a Disgruntled Third Year

First world problems can make a third year’s life so hard. REBECCA SHAPIRO explains how it’s tough to be getting older

The Horrors of Flyer Alley

Why the Parkinson steps can be a truly terrifying place to be.

Cluster Bums

James Alderman on the anguish of people using university computers for mischievous deeds

Banter with Santa

This WILL get you in the mood for the festive season

Turn off the LADitude

The real reason behind the laddish culture in clubs

People Popping Pills

Tab Writer Kiran Morjaria carries out an investigation into the morality of study drugs

North versus South

…And why the North wins

Sex is great – just not so late!

If Sunday nights aren’t made for drinking tea, catching up on news, & listening to neighbours have sex, then what is the meaning of life?


Tab man Leo Wax resents the fact that members of both sexes use Halloween to show off their buns of steels, bulging biceps and beach bods

Since when did groping become socially acceptable?

There is a worrying trend towards guys treating girls as nothing more than pieces of meat

Facebook for feminists

Gabrielle Bailey takes a look at reclaiming gender the modern way

You cannot be serious!

Freshers: the most overrated week of your life