Bombs away: union orders thousands of jägermeisters by mistake

4000 bottles of Jägermeister delivered in Union blunder

For LUU, bulk buying spirits is a routine way to keep us topped up with booze.

But staff were stunned this week after 4000 bottles of Jägermeister unexpectedly turned up.

In what many students would call a miracle, the delivery was 16 times their planned order of 240.

The new stock would be enough to make 112,000 Jägerbombs, meaning five shots for every undergraduate.

There was thought to have been a mistake between the Union’s parent group NUS services and the booze supplier.

Union bars and venues manager Steve Keeble said: “We only realised an error had been made when 4000 bottles arrived. At some point, something’s gone terribly wrong.”

1 bomb down, 111,999 to go

But in a devastating twist of fate, the Union sent back the unwanted bottles – meaning no cheap  Jäger deals for us any time soon.