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A definitive ranking of the Lancs campus bars from best to worst

It’s the only list you’ll ever need

At some point as a Lancs student, you've obviously been sat around arguing about which of the campus bars is best. It's a tedious argument. One you never need to have again.

So we've thought. We've drunk. We've drunk more, until we'd gone to every bar and formed a coherent opinion. So here are the Lancs campus bars, definitively ranked from best to worst.

The worst: Pendle

It's fair to agree that out of all the bars, Pendle Rooms is by far the worst – can you remember the last time someone said, "hey who fancies a drink, lets go to Pendle?" Exactly.

The only strong point about Pendle is the 3-4-5 deal which covers all drinks. But compare the strengths to the weaknesses and you got an overwhelming majority of weaknesses.

One, bottle only bars are the stupidest thing ever. Two, the decor makes no goddamn sense. Is it modern? Is it rustic? Minimalist? You decide. Three, the game machines upstairs are constantly breaking in new and creative ways.

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Number Eight: County

For the sake of rating I had to put County and Pendle in different positions, but otherwise these bars would be on par. Like Pendle, I have only visited County a couple of times (usually when there is something free going!) The Northern Oak has the same lack-lustre environment as Pendle Rooms, which is only improved when there is a social event on – but lets be clear, the merit then lies with the event itself.

It has a good space for groups to chill and chat, but is predominantly a study space that is only really open during the week; in County and want a drink at the weekend? Too bad.

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Number Seven: The Red Lion

We all know how that sentence ends, which once again is apt for the description of The Red Lion. The few times I have been to Lonsdale the bar was shut, which for a bar I think is crucial!

The aesthetic of the bar is what you would expect, comfy seating, cosy bar feel, but the reason is down to a number of reasons.

Lonsdale now is only open a few days a week, and once again anyone on North Campus does not want the trek. Like Pendle, The Red Lion has started serving beer in bottles rather than on draft. Everyone's saying "Lonsdale is the new Pendle," which tells you everything you need to know.

Number Six: Bowland Bar

As a Bowland College member, this may sound a little lacking in loyalty, but it pains me to say that Bowland Bar is not living up to the college motto unfortunately.

As a JCR, I love the Trough of Bowland, it's casual, cosy, good to chill in or even do work, but I could count on one hand the times I've been to Bowland and the bar has actually been open.

In terms of amenities, the merit of Bowland Bar is the pie and pint meal deal which is a godsend when you are sick to the back-teeth of pasta, again! With the pool table, dart boards and ping-pong table it's a great place to relax and socialise, it's just lacking a lil pinashh!

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Number Five: Cartmel

Although I do really love Barker House Farm, the main deterrent is the distance. Living on North Campus means the last thing I want to do is trek for a drink. That said, the aesthetic in Cartmel is amazing. The stonewalls, the fairy lights and the cosy home feel come together for a welcoming bev.

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Number Four: Furness

We didn't just give it this spot because it sounds like the number. It's not the best bar on campus, but Furness is a great one nevertheless. Trevor is perfect for the typical old-pub feel. The heart of Gin-Fest, Trevor is the perfect place for socials and again, emulates the comfortable homey feel.

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Number Three: Fylde

Fylde again has a good, chill vibe, and is always open! Fylde is the sporty bar of the campus and the truth is (see what I did there?) it is one of the best.

The sporty may be a bit off putting to those of use who aren't regular gym goers and members of sports societies – who needs that energy around when you're trying to enjoy a pint right?

But nevertheless, Fylde guarantees a good time.

Number Two: Grizedale

Grizedale is certainly unforgettable and I love Grizedale. Two for one cocktails – need I say more?

I love Grizedale as well for the modern look and vibe of the bar. It's also a really good chill space for meeting up with pals or just playing pool.

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Number One: Graduate College is obviously the best and I'll fight anyone who disagrees

So good, it doesn't even need a motto. Like Trevor it has the cosy pub feel, but The Herdwick is better! It does different craft beers which change regularly, it’s got an authentic pub feel and has curry day on a Friday.

Once again its merit comes from the chill vibe from the pub, although like Cartmel it's a trek from North Campus, this is a trek worth making for a pint and a curry.